Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 225

Chapter 225: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 225

It seemed like a wise choice to leave the job to Assisi. How could he listen to my orders so well? I was such a lucky princess. I couldn’t believe that I had this kind of guardian. Of course, I was wrong to tease him too much earlier.

The man that I saw the other day was standing in front of me now. Thus, this guy was the one that Elyne loved? It was a bit pitiful to look at him, who seems to have no idea why we called him here. He didn’t have a choice, though.


I put down my teacup quietly and greeted him; that was when the doctor responded. Somehow, with a stiff look, he lowered his head.

“I heard you called for me, Princess.”

‘Yes, I did. It’s me, me. I called you.’

Actually, the doctor who would come to see me from the hospital was an old man, not this man in front of me. However, grandpa doctor and I made some kind of agreement yesterday, haha! The reason why this man in front of me was here was because of that grandpa doctor’s help. Kekeke.

According to the old doctor, with a little more experience, this man would be a great doctor who could tend the Emperor. This was such a great compliment. The supernova of the medical profession. The morning star of doctors. In short, he was an adult who had a bright future.

Well, that’s the perfect condition for Elyne’s mate. However, if she thought that he would pass my evaluations, then he was still a hundred years late!

“Oh, I have a question!”

He looked at me with a look of nervousness on his face.

“So these days, I feel empty, somehow my future is bleak, and I’m afraid I’ll cry. I don’t know what kind of illness I’m getting.”

“Excuse me?”

Actually, it wasn’t a disease, but it didn’t matter. Nevertheless, it was true.

He frowned as if he couldn’t understand what I just said. I didn’t know if it was because I looked at him closely, but his black eyes were pretty. His gray hair was attractive, too. However, if he hardened his face like that, wouldn’t I feel uncomfortable? The doctor would change his expression if he noticed my saddened eyes.

‘Oh, look at this. You have a good sense, don’t you?’

“Let’s just sit down and talk. What’s your name?”

I told him to take a seat, so Serira pulled out the chair for him. Not forgetting to say thank you, the doctor sat in the chair. He also had some manners.

“My name is Hasin”

“Well, it’s not a common name here in Agrigent. Are you a foreigner?”

“My mother was from Ancief.”

“Ah, Ancief.”

That’s a neighboring country. I was unsure, though. Anyway, it was a country on the central continent.