Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 224


Mom came to me with an angry look. Did Serira look at it too? Then she brought the handkerchief and wiped out all the strawberry jam I had put on my arm.

“You can’t make jokes about this. It was cute before, but now you went too far.”

“Uh, that’s…”

“If the princess keeps lies like this, no one will come when you’re really sick, don’t you think so?”

My mother scolded me for being naughty. I just stuttered. ‘Uh, you know what? Well, I mean…’

“Please answer me. If you continue playing around like this, then will Assisi come to you when you need help?”

“He has to come to me.”

I’m the owner of him, and he should come to me. Serira was embarrassed by my answer for a moment.

“I mean, of course, he should come, but..still!”

Still, what. Serira couldn’t find the right word and groans.

Yeah, I’m sure that Assisi would come.

Serira looked back at Assisi with an apologetic look. Well, I was aware of it, but he already seemed quite offended. Yeah, that was what life was all about. You are not free from me! It had been like that in the past, and it would always remain the same!

“T, this shouldn’t be it.”

Leaving confused Serira, I ran to Assisi. Holding Assisi’s legs with my small hands like the maple leaf, he looked down with an awkward look.

“Assisi, are you angry? I’m sorry. Stop being mad. Please?”


“I won’t do it again. Okay?”

Okay, this was my fault. Alright?

Assisi’s expression slowly softened as he saw my charm. Then, Assisi sighed. Was my prank that serious for him to sigh that deeply?

“I’ll believe it.”

“If that’s the case, then…”

Assisi tilted his head. I smiled with a puzzled look.

“Please call the doctor’s assistant.”

Assisi frowned at the unexpected request.

“Are you hurt?”


Yeah, there was really something wrong with my mouth.

I corrected my words at once with a hint.

“Not really.”

Only then did Assisi loosened his firm expression. Oh, I couldn’t even tease him now since I was scared of his look. Of course, I would still make fun of him. I couldn’t possibly let go of such entertainment!

“But why…?

Assisi slanted his head as if he didn’t understand. Well, I didn’t have a reason to tell him, but I just smiled in secrecy while thinking of Elyne, who, by now, would be happy doing the chores with Serrira in the kitchen.

“I need to ask something from him.”