Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 223

However, this reaction was fun. I poked Assisi, who looked stiff.

“Assisi? Assisi? Are you upset? Are you upset?”

“No. I am not upset.”

‘Don’t say no. You are obviously upset.’ His stiff tone was saying that he was upset, but he persisted stubbornly that he was fine. I smiled a little.

“I think you are.”

“No. I’m not.”

“Really not?”


Aha, so that’s the game he wanted to play

Assisi gave me an uncomfortable look when I smiled. Well, then…

“Assisi, foot!”


I thought he might give me a real foot, but I guessed I was too outspoken this time. Ah, that was close!

I laughed so hard after hearing Assisi’s response, and Serira shook her head like she felt like she couldn’t stop me. ‘Mom, what’s wrong? You have no idea how fun this is. It’s so much fun that I might die of laughing.’

Assisi huffed. I was choking with laughter.

“Assisi, I don’t feel well…”

“What? Where does it…”

“My heart.”


Oh no, I couldn’t breathe because I was laughing so hard!

Assisi’s dumbfounded expression was really overwhelming. Oh, I felt like I was dying. It was fun to make fun of him, but it’s really addictive. How could I stop this when I was having so much fun?


‘Are you angry? Are you angry?’

With a look of discontent, Assisi glared at me. He closed his mouth and stared at me. Now, that’s a little scary… not! Nevermind! I laughed harder. Oh, my. Every response he made was so precious.

“Are you going to keep this up?”

“What did I do?”

What did I do?

Assisi frowns lightly. I laughed more for nothing. Heehee. Oh, it’s me, but I was really mean.

Assisi just gave up everything and sighed. Uh, what should I try this time? What else should I use this time? I looked around with a determination to make fun of Assisi.

That was when I found exactly what I was looking for.

“Assisi, look at this!”

Assisi turned his head to see what I had in mind now. Then his face got stiff.

“Princess, blood!”

“I’m dying of pain!”

A red thing flowed through my arm. Assisi ran to me and looked at my bleeding arm.

“When did you get hurt like this…?!”

“Heh, it’s strawberry jam.”

‘You were fooled, weren’t you?’

How could he be tricked when it’s obviously a strawberry jam? When I giggled right away, Assisi’s face really hardened. Somehow he looked really, really angry. I had never seen Assisi’s combative look before. The soft-hearted guy was giving me a fierce look, and now I felt a little guilty…

Uh, was I a little harsh this time?