Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 222

“Princess, Sir Zavaikal might feel uncomfortable.”

I took a step back because of Serira’s words, but I just got more curious. Why didn’t he wish to be married? My dad was the most selfish and scary man that I had ever seen, and out of all, he already got a grown daughter like me, so generally, ladies would think twice about marrying him.

However, Assisi was single, and he was also a handsome man, not to mention a famous knight. Why, oh, why?


Oh, damn it. My mom had quick wits.

I was going to ask Assisi once Serira turns her eyes around, but I guessed I couldn’t. I would still ask Assisi about this later, though.

I grabbed my teacup and looked at Assisi. Now that I had thought about it, he seemed quite gloomy when I first saw him. The Black Knight, who was kneeling and crying in front of the winter tree.

Until then, I had no idea that this man would be my guardian knight.

It was quite a curious little thing. Why was he crying like that at that time? I knew that Assisi was a bit of a dismal person, but I had never wondered why he was so depressed. Also, I couldn’t ask him because we weren’t that close back then.

Hmm. I was in deep thought, pondering about something I had never thought before. That was when I saw Assisi’s eyes.

His greenish golden eyes…

I always had my eyes on it, but every time I saw it, I would think that the color of his eyes was so mystical and beautiful. Besides, it was exceptionally transparent.

“Assisi, hands!”

Since Assisi was staring at me with those glassy eyes, I suddenly wanted to tease him and stick my hand on him. I didn’t expect much, but he really put his hands neatly on my hand. Such behavior was so natural that I burst into laughter.

“Hehe, you really gave me your hands. Just like a puppy.”

Only then did he seem to have realized that I had treated him as such. Assisi’s face turns red, and I felt like I would die. This was just so funny.

“Do you know how to give me your hand? Good boy, Assisi. Good boy.”

I reached out to pat his head, but I couldn’t since Assisi pulled his hand out with a flushed face.

Geez, how could he be so cute? He was really the best knight, except for the fact that he could be kind of stubborn sometimes.

It’s so much fun teasing him.