Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 220

Chapter 220: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 220

I tried to take a little break, and at that moment, Elyne carefully stuck out the basket she had brought to the doctor.

“Umm… these are for you.”

While accepting it, the doctor did not seem to know why he was receiving it. Nevertheless, Elyne looked pleased after seeing that he took it.

“You must be tired after working all day…”

Huh? What did she just say?

After handing over the gift shyly, she turned red again; Elyne was in a hurry for nothing.

“Well, I should be going now!”

Before I could grasp the situation, Elyne suddenly disappeared from my sight. I opened my mouth wide. The little boys behind me tilted their heads.

“What was that?”

“Why did she do that?”

… what was this pinkish atmosphere!?

By this time, the twins must have noticed. Valer grinned.

“I think Ria’s maid likes that man.”

The other children must have thought so too. Sanse and Cito agreed with Valer’s words.

“But he looks ugly.”

“Why does she like him?”

The children tilted their heads, saying they didn’t get it, but I was so embarrassed that the situation was not appropriately recognized.

Wait, what was that? I couldn’t believe what I just saw.

I turned my head and looked at the doctor, and fortunately, he was still there. He looked at the basket with a wondrous look and smiled. It seemed that he liked it judging by the smile on his face. The man had dark gray hair and pretty black eyes, and through his clothes, he seemed like he was the doctor of the palace. If he was a doctor at the Royal palace hospital, then he might not be a high-class noble family, but he must still be a nobleman who was treated fairly. He was tall, had a good voice, and, most of all, quite handsome.

My, my. Elyne got a good eye for men.

There was still a mountain of things to consider, but he seemed fine for now. First of all, he was not that handsome compared to my father or Assisi, but he was still good looking.

“Well, he is a good looking guy.”

“What, Ria, are your eyes okay?”

“What’s wrong with you?”

These bastards!

I hit the twins with my knuckles and looked at the doctor again. Elyne went to the hospital every day, and eventually, she fell in love with the doctor.

Now, I had some relief after seeing such a surprise.

Anyway, to think that Elyne would fall for someone.

Then again, she’s well past that age… I guessed it was unexpected since she had always been my maid since I was born. It’s like finding out that a childhood friend was getting married. With Elyne, it felt more like we grew up together rather than her looking after me. Oh, this didn’t feel very easy.

“He is a handsome guy, but I don’t think he can fight well.”

“He’s an imperial doctor. Of course, he can’t.”

What did Graecito even want from the doctor?

He didn’t have to use a sword, but…

“What’s the matter, Ria?”

Heehee. Upon hearing my laughter, Sanse ambled backward and frowned. I smiled and shook my head.


Wasn’t that such an interesting sight to behold?

Chapter 221: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 221

Ever since that day, when I went to the Imperial Palace Hospital, my interests had been pointed at Elyne and the man.

Luckily, Elyne didn’t realize that I was following her the other day. Somehow, everyone in the hospital knew about it. Of course, I warned them to keep it a secret, but I had to be careful with people. They could spread some nasty rumors.

Still, the reason why she had been particularly absent-minded these days was because of him, eh?

It made sense now that I was thinking about every single one of Elyne’s actions. Somehow she had been interested in my snacks lately. She was trying to give them to him, wasn’t she?! My chocolatier said that Elyne was ordering more snacks these days. Thus, he thought that I would gain a lot of weight, but he was surprised that I looked the way I would usually look like.

“Is something the matter?”

I was agonizing over what to do when suddenly, Assisi asked. I broke out in a cold sweat. Oh, he had quick wits.

“Hmm? No, nothing.”

I smiled at him while trying to look innocent, and Assisi tilted his head.

Elyne went out on an errand for Serira. When I asked mom where she was going, mom gave me a hint that Elyne was going to the Palace Hospital. As expected, Serira already knew.

I wasn’t the only one who was paying attention to this love affair. I called my personal grandpa doctor yesterday. I told him that my maid fell in love with this man, who was an assistant doctor under him. Then, grandpa promised me that he would roll up his sleeve and support them. He was interested in what was going on between them, so I did some fishing. Ahem.

Yeah, it’s fun to butt in on other people’s love affairs! Especially when it’s not mine!



Though I forgot about it because of my father, Assisi was well past the age of when people would marry too. However, he didn’t look like he was interested in dating or marrying. Assisi would make the perfect husband. Of course, this was not just my idea.

“Aren’t you going to get married?”

Assisi shook his head after hearing my question.

“No, I don’t have any plans to do so.”

“Oh, why not?”

I was surprised after hearing his firm reply and asked why, but as soon as I asked, he shut his mouth. Huh? What’s wrong? Besides, his expression was dark. It was not at an awkward level. It was above that. Did I do something wrong? I thought that he was better now. It had been a while since I saw his face that stiff.