Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 219

Besides, she’s holding so many things unlike her. Where did that basket come from? Is that a lunchbox bomb? She looks excited and looking at her smiling alone and being happy made me feel strange.

There must be something going on right now.

“Shh, everyone quiet!”

I must follow her!

Leaving behind the roaring children, I immediately followed Elyne. Where are you going? What the hell is going on behind my back? I mean, Elyne has been so in a daze lately, and I guess I’ll finally know why. Yeah, I’ll figure out everything!

My heart is beating fast.

Where Eylne headed was the doctor, which was built on one side of the palace. It was a government office in charge of all the duties and duties of the royal family, such as an office on medical care or as a doctor’s department palace, which had nothing to do with those who were not ill or those who did not intend to become a doctor.

I don’t think she’s suddenly trying to become a doctor. What’s going on? My doubts deepened.

It’s obvious that If I got too close, I’d be caught, so I followed her to the doctor’s palace in a distance. The sudden visit of the children seem surprised doctors, but I was serious. My face is famous anyway, so they’ll find out who I am. So don’t bother me, you guys!

It was then that Elyne stopped walking.

“H, hello.”

…Who is that woman who gave a shy greeting right now?

I feel like I’m getting goose bumps all over.

Ahhh! I barely managed to resist shouting without knowing. What, who’s that woman! Who the hell is that sneaky girl? Is she the one that I know?!

Behind my back, children look at her with curious eyes. I made a gesture to be quiet, and I turned my head again.

It was a doctor who Elyne said hello. He is not dressed as an archiater, so he must be a assistance of archiaters in the palace. The doctor smiled brightly at Elyne’s greeting.

“Oh, you’re the Lady of Solay Palace. Hello. Are you not feeling well again?”

You guys know each other.

But the next thing was that surprised me. Elyne’s face flushed at the doctor’s words. Who the hell is that?

“Oh, no. I didn’t come here today because I’m ill…”

What is this? What the hell is this?

Elyne smiles shyly. I got goose bumps. Oh, no. I can’t stand it anymore. Elyne always either whining or gossiping and now she acts like a lady. I can’t see that.

Ha, I think I saw something bad just now.