Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 218

Cito answers Valer’s words with a sulky look. Valer laughed openly at what Cito said.

“I’m not going to be afraid of the Emperor when I’m as big as you!”

Do you really think so? I guess I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

“Valer, I don’t think that’s true at all.”

Sanse speaks seriously. I nodded assent to Sanse. Even I’m scared of my dad. Valer couldn’t control his temper at our replies.

“No! I’m not afraid of the Emperor because when I grow up, I’ll be a better man than the Emperor!”

“Haha, that’s funny! Even when you are grown up, you’ll still be shorter than the emperor!”

“What? How do you know that!”

“I can tell at a glance! What!”

Oh, they’re fighting. I guess they don’t remember that they promised not to fight. Valer and Cito have already grabbed each other by the collar and tried to grab each other’s faces. You bastards!

I knew it. I thought it was rare. Anyway, I have to stop this, but it was not enough for me to stop this fight if it becomes hand to hand fight.

There is nothing I can do. Summon the Guardian!


… had already run away. Damn it!

You were here just now! When did you run away again?

Looking back on the empty Assisi’s vacancy, I clicked my tongue. Just help me like this, and like that! Is that hard?! I guess it’s difficult for him. What a dirty world. What am I supposed to do with these two guys? I couldn’t even think of stopping them but just watching these two fight, but I got something that was familiar with my eyes.


What is that?

When I turn around, Sanse grabs me by the arm.

“Huh? Ria, what’s wrong?”

“That’s Elyne.”

Isn’t it time for her to be in the palace? I think Serira ordered something on an errand earlier. Even so, it doesn’t make any sense for her to be here right now. More than anything else, this is an area where I don’t usually come for a walk. Something is strange.

As I look at her again, I see Elyne’s hair is unusually shiny than before. Besides, she looks like she’s wearing makeup.

Oh, wait. This is weird?!

As I frown my face, Valer and Cito, who have stopped fighting, come closer.

“Oh, it’s Ria’s handmaid!”

“You are right.”

“But why is she here?”

Yeah, I’m curious about that, too.