Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 217

“I’m going for a walk.”

I stood up, and Assisi came closer to me. I took Assisi’s hand and left the garden.

“R… Ria!”

As I walked out calmly, the twins and Cito followed me in a daze.

I was just taking a walk because it was time to take one, but I guessed that they thought I was walking out because they had done something wrong. The three of them were aware of what they had done wrong.

Ah, they were cute anyway.

Assisi seemed uncomfortable; it seemed that something was bothering him, but I thought that it’s cute how those three boys were following me. Haa, this was why I still played with them even though they made me so tired. I was walking, and Valer came next to me.

“Ria… does Ria always walk like this?”

Sanse was glued beside Valer while Cito came next to Assisi. Since they came right beside me, Assisi took a step back, and three of them could possess me exclusively. I just breathed because I knew that it would happen.

“Yes. I do it at lunch and in the evening.”

“Wow, who would you be with when you walk in the evening?”

“My dad.”


My father was great. That’s right.

Children’s faces froze after suddenly hearing Caitel. I burst out laughing. These guys were terrified of Caitel, weren’t they? It was a typical kid’s reaction. I would have done this if I had been born without a memory of my previous life. Of course, I wouldn’t be alive until now. I’d already be dead because I would cry in front of him. Hmm.

“Aren’t you afraid of the Emperor?”

“Why would I be afraid of him?”

“But he is too scary. Sanse is afraid of the Emperor.”

“Me, too.”

All three made the same facial expressions. It was a bit of a surprise that Graecito did the same.

Hey, you had seen him longer than the twins. Why was he being timid and joining them while saying “me, too”? Of course, I was also scared when my dad went crazy, but… maybe it’s because the liver was swollen now, but he wasn’t that scary. Ha, was it time for me to die, too?

“What, are you scared too? You are bigger than us.”

“What are you talking about? How is being big related to this?”

What? Why were these guys fighting all sudden?