Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 216

Why did these guys lack consideration for me? Why couldn’t I just see these guys separately? Oh, I wanted to damn it all. I just shook my head. Now, if the three of them fought, then we would just sit by and watch. These guys could fight however they want, I didn’t care.

However, Valler was standing in front of me with a solemn look.

“Ria, it’s okay. We’ve decided on a ceasefire.”


“Yes, I don’t like it, but we decided to play together!”

The two looked at Cito together.

What the hell was that, a ceasefire? Graecito, too, looked back at them with a patient look, though he didn’t like them. What were they talking about?

“We always fight each other every day, but because of that, we can’t play with you ”

“Yes, I don’t like it either, but yes.”

“I don’t like you two, either.”

They were going to growl to each other again…

Was it going to be fine? They said that they would be having this ceasefire, so maybe there would be no more fighting. I just breathed a sigh because it was evident that they would fight again if they played anyway.

Yeah, I could care less.

Assisi looked down at the three of them as I grab my head. Why were they looking at them with such a serious face? Looking at his face, I affirmed myself that he was a knight who was sent to the front line alone, but this was the front line for him, isn’t it, Assisi?

“Ria, what shall we do now?”

“Sanse wants to play tag! It’s fun to do that with Ria!”

Graecito snorted at the twins’ words.

“You guys are so childish. Hopscotch is the best game to play in.”

“What? Do you want to fight?”

I knew that this was gonna happen.

That’s right, what kind of truce was that? Looking at the three of them pathetically, the boys who tried to fight suddenly stopped. Huh? These guys were not fighting?

“Well, I don’t know what hopscotch is, but tagging is the best. You hear me, bunny?”

“Sure, titch.”

“Ugh, you bastard!”

“Why, do you want to fight?”

They fought a little bit before ultimately shutting their mouths. Oh, wow. What a surprise.

“You guys really don’t want to fight?”


“We don’t fight anymore!”

The twins bragged about it, but I just laughed.

We would have to wait and see.