Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 215

Birds nest in the trees sing from the morning. Listening to the new chirping that seemed to have entered the mountain, I was relaxing with a cup of tea and a hot scone.

This was what one called composure! This! This was the composure of the Royal Family!

My birthday, which was the biggest worry of my life, had passed, and I had opened all the gifts that I was worried about. Now, I got nothing to worry about. My peaceful days had returned. Wow. I felt so blessed.


“Ria, we’re here!”

Huh??? What?! I spouted the tea that I had been drinking. Serira brought me a handkerchief right away. I wiped my mouth and desperately stabilized my mind. I… I’m sure that I heard hallucinations. Yes, I was convinced that it’s just hallucination.


Damn it, it wasn’t hallucination! Those twins, who sounded so familiar, were pulling their heads out in front of me. I was immediately frustrated. What’s all this sudden development? These guys played with me yesterday! Why were they here again, though? Since these guys came here yesterday, I thought that it would be peaceful today. I guess it was my own misunderstanding. I guess.

Now, even Serira slowly stepped back, looking a little complicated.

“… You guys came yesterday. Why are you two here today again?”

“Yesterday was yesterday, and today is today!”

“That’s right!”

Here were people who were trying to exhort without persuasiveness.

I asked them with little hesitation, but the twin’s answer was just so firm. Their smiley faces were cute enough, but I wouldn’t get tricked again. There’s a devil inside them… Oh, well, I could just say that that’s how it was, but well, just saying…

“Cito, don’t you have the training to go?”

Why was Cito here today?

He knew that I hardly dealt with these twins, and what was wrong with him? I just sighed since I could already see the future of these three and how they would over each other. As Cito saw my facial expression, he clenched his fist and shouted.

“It’s so unfair that only the twins get to play with you!”

What was he talking about?

When did I only play with twins? I did hang out with him too!

Why did he have to come with Viterbo twins, though? Oh, I had a headache already. I got a gloomy, foreboding feeling that I would get sick from now. I will get sick for sure!