Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 214

“Huh? Why aren’t you with the emperor?”

It was Silvia who came to me.

I had to greet the nobles for a while. Otherwise, no one would come near me because of daddy. However, before I could answer, Silvia grabbed my arm.

“Come to think of it, they are debating about such a ridiculous topic at the moment.”

It was Ferdel, Assisi, and my father that Silvia wanted to see.

“I was going to give one of my sons to the princess, but she refused! I even offered her both of them, and still, she shot me down! How could either of you be more upset than me?”

Caitel, who remained silent after hearing Ferdel grumbling, frowned.

“What did you just say? How dare you try to burden my daughter with those rascals?”

“I offered her my children! What is it to you?!”

“You’ve clearly lost your mind.”

Today, my dad beat the ever-living crap out of Ferdinand.

Tsk tsk. Did he felt uneasy unless he got hit every day or something? Assisi, who was beside them, opened his mouth as Ferdel shut his.

“The princess wanted land and a house, so I offered her my whole fortune… but she refused.”

Then, Caitel turned his head in wonder.

“Didn’t I already give her a house and land?”

“I can’t understand why she wouldn’t want it.”

I was sorry for asking Assisi something weird, but they were all weirder than me for taking a joke so seriously!

I wanted to break into that conversation and argue that I was not weird, but I didn’t get any chance. Dirty world!

“I offered her a country, and she refused. I can’t understand my own daughter.”

Honestly, this man…

I could overlook the others, but he really overdid it! I was really not the weird one here!

No one was normal in this palace. It’s rather sad that the nobles thought those three were over there discussing politics.

“Haa… I honestly worry about the future of this empire.”

‘You and me both, Sil.’

I nodded in sincere sympathy with the sigh of Silvia, and suddenly, she took a small box out of her arms and gave it to me.

“Oh, right, princess. This is my gift for you.”

“Hmm? What is it?”

I took off the lightly packed box and found a key in it. What was it for? I looked carefully in wonder, and Silvia replied with a smile.

“This is the key to the treasury of Aquileya.”


What? Why was Sylvia giving this to me all of a sudden?

Silvia smiled brightly if she couldn’t see my stiff face. Then…

“You can come to take anything you like!”

She’s just as bad as them!