Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 213

Chapter 213: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 213

“Oh my, it’s the Black Knight!”

“I haven’t seen Sir Zavaikal in such a long time.”

“Yeah, right. It’s been a while since he last came to any public events…”

“There comes another sinful soul. Although so many ladies were aiming for him, he always turned them all down.”

A sad sigh was piling up.

I was a little embarrassed. My dear Assisi was so popular. I didn’t know that he was so popular since all the maids in the palace said that he seemed scary. I thought that you weren’t popular with girls, but I guessed he was. I felt sorry for misunderstanding him.

“But he’s also the one best suited to stand next to the emperor.”

“The bloody tyrant and the Black knight… they’re the midsummer night’s dream of every woman.”

“Honestly, his serious attitude and charisma are so charming. He always covered his face, but now, he’s wearing a simple uniform as a guardian knight of the princess.”

“What wouldn’t make him shine!? As expected, that silent atmosphere and heavy charisma were not something I could feel from other knights.”

Huh? Huh??? Serious attitude and charisma? What did I hear now? He, yeah, well, he was silent. Well…

“I wonder what they are talking about right now.”

“I think they are talking about the envoys from last time? I think they are discussing something serious.”

“I see. They are taking care of political affairs in a place like this.”

… I had a lot to say, but I wouldn’t.

I could even swear that they were not talking about anything serious, but that would destroy the pink fantasy of these ladies. I couldn’t do such a cruel thing! How severe of me to break an illusion! In my eyes, that serious-sounding conversation of theirs was certainly a discussion about my birthday present. Oh yeah, I was sure.

“Oh, my. The chancellor’s here as well.”

“Finally, all three of them are here!”

“It’s been so long since I saw the three of them together!”

The fuss of the ladies was unusually loud. I just sighed.

“I haven’t seen lady Silvia for a long time too.”

“She still looks amazing.”

“She looks just like Princess Tynia.”

“For sure.”

Princess Tynia… I was sure that she was the younger sister of the former emperor. Surely, she was the princess, my aunt-grandmother, and the mother of Silvia. I had never seen her since I was born, but she’s such a famous person that I had heard a lot of things about her. I heard that she cared a lot about Assisi. On the other hand, she hated Caitel so much that she had been stuck in the Aquilayia since he became emperor and had not taken a step forward.