Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 212

Chapter 212: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 212

“Oh my, and the Emperor is here!”

“Oh, it’s true.”

Huh? I turned my head suddenly. My father, who had been away for a while, was back. Judging by the look on his face, his expression clearly showed that he wanted to kick the chairs and leave the party, which no one didn’t seem to realize.

That’s so scary. He was my dad, but I really didn’t want to mess around with him.

Unlike me, who wanted to avoid him, all the women at the party were in a frenzy.

“Normally, he would only stay for a moment, even on his own birthday, but he’s been here for quite a while since it’s his beloved daughter’s birthday party.”

“He loves his daughter so dearly. The rumors weren’t exaggerated at all.”

“Who could ever call him a notorious tyrant now? Well, it’s understandable with a daughter like her.”

“Of course. With such a lovely daughter, who wouldn’t become a saint?”

… bullshit.

I just wanted to die after listening to all these ladies laughing and talking loudly. This daughter only wanted to be loved one day. How could anyone think that? He was just guarding his spot because he knew that Ferdel would try to hug me once he was gone! I knew what he’s thinking more than anyone else here.

Last time, Caitel was only gone for a little while. That was when Ferdel acted like he was my father, and they ended up fighting over it. Well, everyone forgot about it, but Ferdel was my Godfather. Anyway, he was so childish.

“But His Majesty is still the same as ever.”

“I know. Don’t you think he doesn’t age? Actually, it appears as if he’s getting younger every year…”

“Those eyes, and his aura… Haa… as expected of the man most wanted in all the top social circles.”

“Though the problem is that no one can approach him.”

“There are plenty of ladies who would line up in front of the emperor’s chamber at just a flick of his wrist.”

That description was a bit annoying, but I agreed with them. Even I was amazed at how handsome he was all the time. Well, he was a looker.

I glanced at him, and of course, he was the most radiant person in this party hall. He wasn’t even wearing his crown, but he still attracted the attention of people by just sitting in his chair. Well, that explained why he was the Emperor.

… However, everyone knew how bad his temper was, yet they still liked him?