Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 211

Chapter 211: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 211

As I wondered, Ferdel pulled out his hand. What I saw there was a portrait of his twins as big as the palm of his hand, which he carried every day to show off how cute his kids were.

Why was he suddenly pulling them out?

“Okay, you can pick one. Because it’s you, princess, then I’ll let you have either one you want.”


“Or should I just give you both?”

I didn’t need either of them! I just didn’t want it at all!!!

Why were there so many people giving things that I didn’t need today? I almost achieved the feat of receiving a country as a birthday present a little while ago, and now, I was looking to gain a chancellor’s son as a birthday present. Oh, my, why was this crazy thing happening only to me?

Fortunately, Assisi quietly grabbed Ferdel soon and disappeared from my sight. Oh, my head.

“Congratulations on another year, Your Highness.”

“Congratulations, Your Highness.”

“Thank you, Lady Iliyad.”

She was already 40 years old, but Lady Iliyad still smiled beautifully and softly. I didn’t memorize all the country’s noble’s faces, but I now have a grasp of all their faces, for they had had someplace in the Palace. Well, of course, I was not stupid enough not to remember their faces when I saw them this often.

When Lady Iliyad stepped aside, another noble came in front of me. I was annoyed, but I still had to smile brightly. They were congratulating me on my birthday, and I couldn’t possibly refuse it. It’s still annoying to meet all the nobles, but it’s okay since it only happened once in a year.

Be patient. Be patient. Blessed were those who endure.

“Oh, look at the princess is thanking everyone. She’s so kind.”

“My, my. Our princess is so clever and pretty.”

“I know, who would think that she is only eight years old by now?”

I know, right? Who would think that I was only eight years old by now? Me?

I didn’t know if they wanted me to hear everything or not, but I could listen to them gathered around while laughing and talking.

“I know. She’s so good at studying, and apparently, she’s fast at learning music and art too. There’s nothing she doesn’t excel in.”

“That’s incredible. I’m so proud of her.”

“Really? That’s amazing. If the princess was my daughter, I would carry her on my back all day.”

… Where did those rumors come from?

I wanted to ask them. When did I learn music or art? Aside from the things I memorized, what else did I know? I had become a genius without notice.

Yes. The world was vast, and rumors varied.