Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 210

Chapter 210: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 210

Of course, parties were held quite often in the royal family. This was all due to the habits of aristocrats, who held parties at any moment to celebrate. However, they did not necessarily mind international events, for they were more interested in domestic affairs that were quite diverse and happens often. Thus, almost every week, parties that were presided by the royal family were held.

Did I spend every day partying and reveling then? Of course not. Would one really associate me with such a deviant attitude?

They said that it was a party, but not all of them were the same. There was also a kind of class. Depending on the importance of the work, the kind of party or venue that was held would change. Usually, for international occasions or important occasions, we would use Brillo Hall of Lunare Palace, while other small parties were held in other halls of Lunare Palace. This was all possible because Lunare Palace was a massive palace with 12 chambers. Sometimes, there were many different parties on the same day.

My dad and I didn’t like parties, so the ones that we both participate in was just the parties held at Brillo Hall. My birthday party was also held at Brillo Hall. Oh, I was already so tired.

“Will there be another pile of presents today?”

Those were just unnecessary trash. Trash. The party only started 40 minutes ago, and I was already tired. Not to mention, I only got here when everyone had already arrived since the birthday girl was supposed to be fashionably late. Ugh… what would I do when I grew up? I could leave early now since I was still young, but I wouldn’t be able to use that excuse when I was older. Ah, yet another dark cloud in my future…


“Oh, Ferdel.”

Ferdel came close to me in a rush. Why was he so excited when he got here late? There were already so many nobles around me, but then again, no one could say anything since he’s the almighty chancellor.

Well, that’s the dignity of a chancellor. Usually, a member of the royal circle could never enter a party without an invitation sent by the imperial family. It’s an ancient principle that even the influential nobles could not ignore. However, there were a few who were exceptional in this principle. Those were what we called ‘Powerful, High-Level’ nobles.

Such as… the Chancellor, and the Chancellor, or the Chancellor…

Yeah, I envied him. He had the free pass for all the parties in this country. Oh, well, I also had it too.

“Happy Birthday! This is my gift for you!”

Well, thanks.

However, when I reached my hand, I could not see any birthday gift on Ferdel’s side. Huh?