Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 209

Chapter 209: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 209

What’s wrong with him? Someone said that if someone did something that they wouldn’t usually do, it meant that they would die soon.

I looked at dad with a somewhat grim expression, and dad smiled bitterly. It was a little bit of a bitter smile, but somehow it burst into my heart.

“I guess I’m old now.”

A slight lament. It was nothing but a familiar sigh, and I couldn’t answer back at it. I was just so scared that my father might be really sick.

Thus, I held my dad’s clothes for no reason, and he patted me on the head for a moment. It’s a routine act, but it strangely more affectionate. Was it just my impression? Somehow, I thought that my father’s eyes would get a little sweeter.

“It seems that my daughter…”


“Truly is loved by everyone.”

‘Unlike me.’

I felt like I could hear that at the end of his sentence, so I just shut my mouth. Somehow, I felt like Caitel’s heart was so close to me that I could catch it.

He threw an even more extravagant birthday party every year, but he’s the most depressed person there. No one celebrated his birthday. That’s the kind of person my father was. Still, I thought that it was getting better every year after I was born. It looked like it was just my imagination.

I got solemn for nothing. Dad laughed as I kept my mouth shut, and his lips touched my forehead as he fell carefully.

“Happy birthday.”

He said with a low, deep, somehow dry voice. Still, I could feel his heart in every word.

“Thank you for making me.”

“I’m not the one who gave birth to you, so your mother should be thanked for that.”

Caitel laughed the way he usually did, but I didn’t feel like laughing. He looked like he was lamenting at how unfit he was to be a parent. Nonetheless, this bastard was still my father.

“But this isn’t a bad feeling.”

That slight smile made my heart a little lighter. I smiled brightly. This was all I could give him. With a bright smile, Caitel stared at me without blinking. I was a little scared because I felt like he was trying to engrave my smile in every crevice of his memory. It’s getting hard to keep myself from smiling because of my dad.

“Since I congratulated you, I should give you your present now.”

‘Here it comes!’

I was nervous. What would he do this time? My anxious gaze was momentary, dad suddenly pulled something out of a bundle of paper. It was a map of this continent, one that I had never seen before.

Wow, that’s amazing.

As I stared at it, Caitel spoke.

“Come on, pick one.”

“Hmm? Pick what?”

When I turned my head, my father answered back.

“I’ll give you any country you want for your birthday.”


‘I didn’t need something like that, daddy!’