Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 208

Chapter 208: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 208

I’d be glad if someone else would have given it to me, but I could never have done so because Assisi was the one saying it. First of all, that’s not a joke. That’s real!

There’s a level of evil master, and if I took all the money that you own, then what kind of scale was that? Lucifer? However, Assisi, although he had given up all his fortune, he would probably eat well and live well. Why was that?

Oh, right. I would take care of everything.

I was looking back at Assisi because I thought that that was what he was aiming at, but I arrived at my father’s office before I spoke to him.

The splendid office!

By the way, the party was just around the corner, and he was still at work. He had a dark future too. When I entered the room without delay, I saw that Caitel was buried in the papers.

He looked like he’s in his usual self. It was a bit strange to see my dad just doing paperwork with all his party tailors on. Maybe it’s because of his clothes, or perhaps I just felt a little sad that he was still working late till this day.

“You are here.”

I was standing there without interrupting because I thought that he was too focused. Fortunately, Caitel reached out to me first. I walked straight to my father without hesitation. When I approached him, my dad naturally picked me up. I glanced at the desk, and it seemed like work was almost over.

That’s a relief. I was looking down at the little piece of paper, and suddenly, I could feel his glare from the side. I then turned my head.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Because you look pretty today.”

“Oh, really?”

Really? Caitel laughed as I smiled. What? What was up with my dad?

“Why are you laughing?”

Was it funny that I looked so pretty? Did he want to die?

However, his laughter differed a little from usual. He smiled crackly at me all the time, but now, what he gave me was truly a happy smile. Yeah, damn it, I would let you go this time.

I felt like I lost, but I couldn’t help it. I breathed a quiet sigh. If I would be his daughter, then I should have a big heart, right? However, my dad’s mood was different today. Was this about work? Was it because you had seen too many documents? I didn’t know if I was feeling like it, but he looked a little tired.

Suddenly, Caitel swept my hair.

“Have you been properly congratulated today?”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“For your birthday.

It’s weird for the person who threw such a huge celebration for my birthday every year to ask that. However, I was sure that my dad knew how the entire country would always congratulate me every year. Not only from our country but worldwide too. How much more should I be congratulated here?

I wondered, but his I could see from his stark expression that he wasn’t pranking me. I dangled my fingers and laughed for no reason.

“Everyone likes me. Of course, they’ve congratulated me.”

“Of course?”

“Yes, of course.”