Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 207

When I rolled up my well-dried hair, my preparations were complete. It’s a birthday party, but I felt like my preparation time was getting longer every year. Why the hell?

“Oh, my. Princess, you look so beautiful today.”


“Of course.”

Yeah, I knew that I was pretty.

I nodded and accept that compliment; Serira and Elyne laughed thereafter.

What’s wrong with these two? Why were they laughing at me? I frowned, slightly irritated by their unusual reaction, and Serira pattered me on the shoulder. I became a bit uncomfortable after then. What was the meaning of this? Was she cheering me up? Without time to ask a question, Assisi led me outside.


Of course, since I was all set up, I should go to my dad, who would go to the party with me, first. I knew that mom had been freed from the job of guarding me since Assisi became my guardian knight…

Something was like… It made me feel like something was uncomfortable somehow. I felt like my mom had been neglecting me. Standing there with a slight frown, I approached Assisi, who had been waiting in the drawing-room all this time. He then looked at me and asked.

“Pardon me. Who are you?”

“Your master.”


As if convinced, Assisi opened his mouth. Did I transform or something? I was still the same except for my hair, dress, and all these accessories! They were all the same as usual. What’s the point of asking? Did he have a problem with his facial recognition? Of course, the same questions and answers came last year and the year before that too.

… It was really such a depressing consistency.

Then again… he’s the sort of man who would ask if I had a twin once I changed my hairstyle. Thus, Assisi thought that Elyne was triplets. This fool.

Anyway, I still needed to get what I needed to get, right?

“What did you get me for my birthday, Assisi?”

“What would you like?”

I calmly asked him, and Assisi asked me earnestly. I answered back without delay.

“A House.”

“Or the land is fine too.”

Owning property was the way to go these days!

… of course, that was a list I wanted in my past life, but they were all useless gifts to me now. What would the princess do with land and the houses? The only problem was that I already had too much of both. However, Assisi, who never took my jokes as well, jokes, nodded his head with a stern look.

“I shall give you all of my fortunes.”

I didn’t need that!

Assisi tilted his head when I reject it in fright. It was scary because he would always say the most absurd things with the most severe expressions I had ever seen!