Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 206

Chapter 206: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 206

‘Please, heavenly father, allow me to be a righteous princess. I don’t want to hear about the news saying that my father’s luxury has destroyed the country.’

“I wonder what His Majesty prepared as a gift for this year.”

“More than that, Lady Serira, I wonder how many birthday presents there will be this year. I’m sure there must be at least five thousand, don’t you think?”

“Last year there were about two thousand. I think that is a fair guess.”

“This year, even the royal families from other continents came to celebrate the princess’ birthday! There will definitely be more gifts this year!”

I didn’t care how many there are, but I could swear one thing right now. I was sure that none of those presents would beat Caitel’s gift! I didn’t even know what kind of gift I would get yet, but I could guess. ‘Please give me something normal as a present.’ Oh, but my dad’s already abnormal himself. It’s my fault that I wanted someone to be normal when it was clearly impossible.

“But why won’t you give me my birthday present already, mom?”

“Oh, right.”

Serira, who was combing my hair, took a small gift out of her pocket. When I opened it, I saw that there was a shawl in it. It was a shawl that Serira had carefully made for me. It was a sweater last year, and since nobody would make something with an intention to give it to me, mom’s gift every year only made me feel so precious.

“What about Elyne?”

“Here you go.”

As if she had been waiting, Elyne handed me a small box. I opened it as soon as I received it, although she never told me to open the box.

“What is this?”

“I brought it because I thought you liked it before, hehe.”

The gift in the box was a small instrument. It wasn’t a delicate, finely cut item, but I once liked it because it was small and cute, and I didn’t know Elyne would remember it. Elyne smiled with pride when she saw that I couldn’t take my eyes off from this small violin model.

“Do you like it?”


“How could you!?”

At the same time, I placed it in a box carefully and put it on the dressing table. I should put it somewhere safe, so those twins wouldn’t find it and destroy it again. When I acted unlike my word, Serira smiled.