Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 205

Chapter 205: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 205

What the hell?

Time flew like an arrow, and I finally turned eight years old.

Oh, I was a year older. I didn’t know why I would get frustrated with my age, but I didn’t feel good about it anyway. No, I was still eight! I was a young and fresh eight-year-old!

“Our princess is already eight years old.”

“How amazing!”

Serira and Elyne were particularly fond of it. The girl who would actually celebrate her birthday was sullen, but the two adults around her were just so excited. What’s going on here?

By the way, I thought that it was only yesterday when I was a baby, but in this world, a 17-year-old person was already considered an adult, so in 9 years, I would be an adult too…

“But what does my birthday have to do with this dress?”

My hair was all curled, and the tiara on my head was especially sparkling, while this necklace on my neck and the bracelet hanging from my arm were especially gorgeous. Why?

Elyne answered my question in a determined voice.

“Of course, it is because…”


“It is because it’s your birthday party!”

However, the answer came from behind me instead. I was slightly frustrated by my mother’s voice, who shouted as if she had waited for this very moment.

Serira… No, Mom. Was my mom this fond of parties? My mom, in my memory, was a simple and understandable person who didn’t like parties at all. Nevertheless, despite my nervous reaction, Serira still looked excited.

“What would be the birthday present for this year? Princess, you are wondering too, right?”

I was not curious at all.

Serira was talking all over the place with a smile, but I was worried about what else he would give me this time and gave me nothing but shock and fear. I’m not too fond of the royal scale of things here.

Please, I wanted something normal as a gift this time!

I didn’t even want to imagine how this country would react if they saw me get a small, reasonable birthday present! I was afraid that the history books would read, “Emperor Caitel depleted the national treasury to buy presents for his daughter” One day! Also, I would be recorded as “Princess extravagance, Ariadna” without my own knowledge about it. Then, I thought that I had to say a line like this.

‘If they don’t have bread, let them eat cake, hmph!’

“Yes, if you don’t have a jewel, you can decorate it with the Spirit Stone.”

Irrespective of my dismal murmur, Elyne and Serira who were busy decorating me were excited. I breathed a quiet sigh as I heard their conversation while finally saying that they could beautify me so well because I grew up, and they started worrying that I might get even more beautiful once I grew up.