Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 204

Chapter 204: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 204

Did I cry too much yesterday? I felt like my head was pounding since I woke up in the morning. Oh, my head… I was glad that I avoided my dad’s anger, but I had made a new pledge through this. Next time, I intended to tell the truth about those twins!

“Princess, your eyes are so swollen.”

“I know…”

I must have cried a lot yesterday. Thanks to that, I could tell that I was the type who would have a smudge on my face the next day when I cried. I looked into the mirror and sighed for nothing.

My pretty face became a real carp.

Serira was removing the swelling from my eyes with the cold towel she brought when, suddenly, the door burst open, and Elyne ran into the room.

“Princess, princess!”

What’s wrong with her? It was like this yesterday too, but the storm had already passed, so I had no qualms about it. What was it this time?

“Hmm? Why?”

Elyne did not answer my question. She just looked at the servants who were coming in behind her.

I just turned my head to check what she was so surprised about…and I opened my mouth with a shock as soon as I turned my head.

What the hell were those?

What I saw there were more than ten glass statues carved as the winter tree. Weren’t they the same ones that the twins broke? What was going on here?

I lost my words and looked at those glass winter trees. Soon thereafter, my father walked in. I looked straight at my dad. ‘Dad, what are you doing?’

“You can break as many as you like. I can get you another one anytime.”

Caitel spoke with a proud face. I was struck dumb for a moment. No, of course, it’s good, it’s all good, but… yes, it’s beautiful, but I just had to say this…

“I thought it was priceless. You said it was one of a kind…”

“It’s fine.”

What did he mean by that? Well, my father was getting the same sculpture like the one his daughter broke… It’s okay if that was all there was to it. However, I thought that it was a masterpiece that would only get sculpted once a year… The artisan had to make each cut precisely. How’d he get all these here in just a day?

Since I could not understand what had just happened, I was moaning with a confused look, and my dad looked proud; he probably thought that it as my emotion being deeply moved. He then told me proudly.

“There’s no need to get so worked up because I have power and a lot of money.”

Oh, this weirdo…