Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 202

He should look carefully, this was the composure of someone who achieved spiritual enlightenment. If acting cute wouldn’t work and my changing phrase wouldn’t work either, then he was just picking a fight, right? I closed the book that dad was reading. I then raised my hands, grabbed Caitel’s cheek, and turned it toward me.

“Father, have I done something wrong?”

The same red eyes as mine looked back on me. If there was warmth existing in my father’s eyes, then this look would always be warm to me, but today, it was cold and sharp enough to sting. Still, I didn’t want to avoid facing it, so I looked at his eyes without avoiding it, and something appear on his expressionless face. I didn’t miss the timing and smiled brightly.

“I have done something wrong, haven’t I?”

Of course, my father wouldn’t answer. It’s okay. I was not the kind of person who would surrender easily!

“I don’t know what I did wrong, but I’m sorry. Don’t be mad anymore, okay?”

If he still ignored me after this, then he’s not my father!

How could he refuse me when I was this cute and this lovely! As expected, Caitel fell for me thereafter. He indeed was my slave!

“Then you’re aware that you’ve done something wrong?”


However, if I say no here, then he would probably get even grumpier if I said something like that. I just smiled.

“Yes, but what did I do wrong? Why don’t you tell me? Please?”

When I spoke with an innocent smile, Caitel frowned. Why was my dad frowning so when his daughter was acting so cute. No, no. He couldn’t do that to me.

“You know what, Dad? If you don’t tell me, then I wouldn’t know what I did wrong, and I would never know why you’re mad at me…”

As I wriggled my hand and hesitated, Caitel sighed. Did this mean that he’s gonna surrender to me? Was that it?

However, it was only for a second. The bundle of cloth in front of me immediately took me aback. This was the piece of fabric I used to hide the sculpture; how the hell did he find it? No, he didn’t carry it for the rest of the day by the time he saw it, did he?

Caitel kindly opened the contents of the pocket, lest I remembered it. ‘Oh, my goodness. Thank you so much. Oh, thank you. Dad, you’re so kind.’

“What is this?”

“That’s it…”

What should I do? If I told him that the twins did it, then they wouldn’t live to see another day. They would be beaten for disobedience, and they would get banned and never allowed to set foot in the palace again.

This was so obvious.