Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 201

My goodness!

When I heard a loud noise, Caitel stood up after finishing his meal. He then left the dining hall without saying, “I enjoyed my meal.” And I have been left alone all of a sudden. No, I’m not alone because Assisi was with me, but. ..

Well, my dad really was narrow-minded. Oh my, my, my. My life was also in trouble. Oh!



“Don’t you think that dad is having a tantrum?”

Assisi, who was quietly eating, seriously thought about my question. He then nodded earnestly.

“Yes, I think he is angry.”

Assisi said that he was angry, but I could only see him as being sulky. If he was angry, then he would not stay calm with that temper of his. It would only turn into a mess, and the world would see it’s doom.

Oh, I was just scared of him if I wasn’t facing him, but now that I was actually before him, I could only have a headache. What the hell was I supposed to do with this? Acting cute wouldn’t work, and he wouldn’t want to talk to me either. I was sure that there was something about me that made him so upset.

I finished my dinner safely, but the real problem would start from here on out. This was the real crisis!

How would we be able to sleep tonight? It’s really shocking and scary.

“Princess, you can do it!”

Elyne and Serira cheered me up, but it only hurt my feelings. What was that supposed to be? Did they want my dad to crush me to death? There were times when they could cheer, and sometimes, they just didn’t know how to do it. Oh, I wanted to run away from home.

It’s the only country in the world wherein a father’s tantrum would cause a daughter to run away from home. Oh, I was ashamed.

Nevertheless, I gotta sleep tonight.

Unsurprisingly, Caitel was in the room when I opened the door along with my muddled mind. I would have been a little disappointed if he wasn’t there, but it’s also disturbing in its own way. What the hell was I supposed to do?

When I walked into the room, I could say anything, but nothing came out of my mouth. I breathed a quiet sigh.

‘You bastard, this isn’t working. I should…’


A small voice called Caitel. I pulled his sleeves on purpose, but Caitel, who was reading, didn’t even move.

Come on. I was going this far, and he would still refuse to notice me? I would love to smack his head, but I shouldn’t… he’d just have me executed.

Fine. I would just make the first move since I was an adult.