Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 200 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 200

It had been ten seconds since I opened the door abruptly, but I had to suffer a sharp regret already. Why did I come to enter so confidently? Why did I do that? More importantly, why would I do that when I knew that I was screwed?

“D, dad!”

I called my father with a bright expression, but he did not return anything. Once I sat beside him, I looked into his eyes. ‘Caitel, are you feeling uncomfortable? Do you want me to kneel?’

However, I was a little relaxed because he seemed indifferent. Wasn’t he angry? Was he all right?

“Daddy, you know, today I…”

… and that was when I knew that I was done for.

He wasn’t okay. He could… kill someone with this silence alone. I just wished that the world would explode. As soon as I spoke to him with a smile as radiantly as I could, I felt the rising tension surrounding us and blamed my mouth for it. Oh, I should have just shut up and ate… That reaction, that look, that mood, I couldn’t say that he would understand me… I hated my eyes for fooling me into believing that he was okay for a second. Was my eyesight finally failing? I even saw a violent spirit within Caitel’s eyes.

That’s odd. He didn’t hit me, but why did I feel as if I had just been beaten up?

Was this his power? The power of his killing intent?

“Haha, hahaha.”

Acting cute would not solve something like that. I was just dead. Still, just in case, I turned my head and pushed my face in front of the Caitel, and at the same time, Caitel turned his head away from me. I was slightly despairing at his expression, which showed that he didn’t want to speak to me. I didn’t see any answer.

He was so mean… No matter how mad he was with me, how could he turn away from his cute, lovely daughter when she tried to coax him?




It would be better if he were just angry with me, but this atmosphere was just so cold. I should just eat first. I could accept dying once my belly was full!

My father remained silent; it made me question if he was angry or sulky. Meanwhile, Assisi was still as quiet as always. Even I was shutting my mouth, so the dining hall was utterly silent today. I felt a heavy silence permeating the atmosphere, but even if the air around us was oppressing or not, the royal chef was still as great as ever. I would dare say that he might be a God of cooking. How could broccoli taste like this? All the vegetables and meat were just so delicious. I wouldn’t be constipated, but I had been eating this nutritious meal every day. How could I get constipated because of it? The meal was so delicious that I ate it deliciously, even if I was not in the mood for it. However, while I was chowing my meal, suddenly, I heard a loud bang beside me.