Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 20

As my insides were exploding, Dranste looked down above me with a big cheerful grin.

That damned guy, that rotten f*cker, that f*cker that deserved to die!

In the end, I glared at him with a death glare and picked a fight with him.

I hate the sight of him laughing to death! I peered at him with my slitted eyes and threw a question at him.

‘What the hell are you?’


Drantse, who shortly laughed, cocked his head. Thanks to that, Drantse’s seductive smile disappeared from his mouth.

Ah, now my inwards feel better.

His short black hair with blue lights shook. The blue eyes that couldn’t be hidden in the dark looked at me.

“To say ‘What’, you’re pretty good. Really good, actually.”

What the hell are you saying? Caitel wasn’t a person who made sense, but this guy took the cake for coming out of the left field. Ah, even just talking was tiring. This damn guy.

“What do you think am I?”


“Do you want to die?”

Don’t threaten me as you laugh. Even if you do that, it wouldn’t work.

Dranste must have felt wrong because he made a crying face.

It wouldn’t work though.

From above me, I could hear him go, “Chi!” Ugh! Why was everyone who tried to play with me a bratty kid? Was I not supposed to be the bratty baby, or were they the bratty baby? Ah, Serira was the exception.

Anyway, that’s that…

Ah, there was no answer coming to mind. I couldn’t even grasp an idea or feeling. He said he wasn’t a ghost.

He’s too wretched to be a god so exclude that. Dragon? There couldn’t be a creature like that…

Of course, celestial beings were also excluded. Then the only thing left was…


“Caitel does call me that.”

‘Then are you saying you’re not?;

He laughed at my reply. His laughing form as he went “kh kh kh” looked like a crazy person, so I didn’t even want to be close to him. The problem was I couldn’t crawl away! Yet that person could walk!

“We will see each other often until the day Caitel dies, so you don’t have to abuse your head anymore. Someday, you may figure it out.”

‘Are you trying to comfort me? Wanna die? No, I’m curious now. Tell me. Now.’

“Uh huh, you have an impatient personality, lady.”


God, If you can make my hand and body grow up right now, so I could just hit that knucklehead once, I will sell my soul. Yes?

Were you saying you won’t receive my soul?

Ugh, fuck.

I felt dispirited and leaned against the safety rail of the crib. As I let out several deep sighs, Dranste reached his hand out for me. Then he held my hand up and laid a kiss on it.

It was something he did so often I just left him alone when suddenly, his eyes that were on me sparkled.

What wrong with this thing?

At that moment he laughed.

“When you grow up, will you like to be my bride?”

Get out and die.

“Here. Ah, so pretty.”

Serira was randomly giving it her all at playing dressing up doll with me. The custom fitted white dress was put on me.

The clothes were pretty, but being dressed up so suddenly was also quite burdensome.

‘What’s going on, everyone?’

“This outfit seems to be the best one.”

Elene, who was at the side, took out something from the mountain of clothes piled up. Serira reached out with just one hand and took the outfit. Then she handed me over to Elene to hold instead.

I noticed that Elene’s embrace was softer then Serira’s.

If one would ask me if I like it more then the answer was no. I was afraid her strength would overflow in her grip in her attempt to hold me and fall over. Ugh.

“That’s right, hold her for a bit.”

Then she started to go through the clothes with more decisiveness.

Ah, I’m dizzy. This was good and all, but could I go sit down somewhere? I knew it’s comfortable since everyone was holding me, but I felt the most relaxed when I was sitting by myself.

“Oohah ooh ahh.”

“Princess, you like it too right?”

… I think I did have a communication disability. Look at what comes out of my mouth!

Serira couldn’t understand what I was saying and neither could Elene.

Hah! Such a cruel world! I gave up. That’s right, it’s easier if one would just give up

“This outfit or this outfit?”

She measured a red dress then a blue dress on my body. Elene seriously pondered.

“I think a red dress is better than blue. A dress with a reddish hue is prettier.”

“If you think about it, the hair is..”

Both people were dead silent as they looked at the two dresses in front of them.

‘What does it matter what I wear? I can wear whatever.’

I started to get a headache just watching them waste so much energy thinking over a dress.

“Thish one! Thish one!”

I ended up having to get involved. Serira smiled as I pointed to the red dress.

“This one, does Princess like this one?”

She asked while smiling. No, but I didn’t want to get worried about it any longer.

I busied myself by nodding and laughing. Elene and Serira didn’t look satisfied with the dress I picked, but they felt they had no choice since that was the one I liked.

Now it turns out the purpose of this dress was…for a party being held tomorrow.

Telling an eight-month-old baby to go attend a party was a pretty funny thing to do, but since it’s my own father’s birthday party there was no other choice.

‘If it’s Dad’s birthday then I have to go. Yup. Who knows what will happen to me if I don’t go?

Even if I was a Wah-Wah crying baby, this was an unavoidable reality. Ugh!’

“Then we will use this outfit, so what should we do about the hairpiece?”

Not only was it a party for Caitel’s birthday, but envoys all over the continent were coming to celebrate too.

According to Elaine’s gossip, all the countries Caitel conquered, including the ones he never even touched were coming. All kinds of people with different styles of clothes and culture, almost literally all of them were coming together just to give a long-drawn-out speech that’s mostly them just talking at length about literally nothing on this occasion.

It was two empires, six kingdoms, two coalitions (United Kingdoms), and one republic. They were all coming together with bribes to offer as a tribute and a woman to seduce Caitel with… Anyway, they were really wrapping all kinds of things while coming here.

It looked like Dad was gonna be busy thanks to all those people with all kinds of goals.

Of course, when I grew up, I would be busy too. However, for now, thanks to my youth, I just had to attend the party, and it’s the end for me.

I didn’t even have to stay for a long time which was good news.

Now that I thought about it, I was the only princess of the Agrigent Empire. It was a problem that I only remembered at times like this, but I was Caitel’s only daughter.

Not only that, but I have five names.

It is Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agregiant.

Wow, it’s so long it’s scary. Just memorizing it made my brain go numb.

As I marvel at the length of my own name I felt someone come from behind me. As I turned my head, Ellene, who was holding me, turned around too.

It was a maid.

When our gazes met, she bowed politely.

“His Majesty calls for the princess.”

“Ah-ta.” (Appa for dad)

As soon as I saw Caitel, I was in his embrace in no time. I guess he finished his work for the day because there was not a single piece of paper in his study.

Ferdel must have swiped all of it.

I saw him a couple of times but he’s not a normal guy. However, I was not saying he’s a crazy guy either.

“Is that suppose to be ‘dad’?”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

Couldn’t you just tell by listening? I was calling you Dad.

Now that I thought about my accent… It’s sad, so don’t say anything. Shh.

As I felt his eyes focus on me, by instinct, I reached out to pull his hair while laughing. Caitel was not so petty he’d get angry at me for playing with his hair which was a good thing.

‘Hey, Papa aren’t I loveable by now?’

“She’s prettier now.”

It was as if he read my mind because he gave me an answer. My face lit up as I pulled Caitel’s neck towards me.

Really? For real?

“She was so ugly before.”

….Ah. I tried to look upon you with affection. Ugh!

“Yew-ah-uhgwy.” (Baby talk: You are ugly)

You were ugly too! I’m not the only ugly one!

I babbled away but, as I said before, I must have some kind of communication disability.

Caitel just looked at Serira with a blank expression.

“What is she saying?”

“I, I don’t know…”

I hate both of you.

‘I want to be alone. All of you leave.’

I couldn’t do anything about the rush of sadness I felt surging inwards.

I was a ruin.

As I lamented by myself, I felt the fervent desire to one day be able to pronounce human words. I heard loud laughter coming from the side. Just as I thought, when I turned around, there was Dranste cackling next to Caitel.

‘Don’t laugh, you jerk.’

“If only Caitel understood… It would have been a masterpiece. How regrettable.”

‘If you feel that way then just let him know.’

At my remark, Dranste just shrugged his shoulders. Then the words that came out of his mouth was…

“It’s a lot more fun if he doesn’t know.”

Oh, you jerk.