Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 195

At this rate, I felt like hitting my dad, so I hurried on to the bed. Oh, freedom. That couldn’t be on me. It’s easy to forget.

The bed that was made of blue silk was thin and soft, from the pillows to the blankets. The finest silk embroidered by Artisano craftsmen! Since last year, the bed had changed, and it had grown a bit larger. It was said to be a super-premium bedding set that Caitel got after nagging craftsmen in Artisano.

In any case, he added everything.

However, I would ignore everything about it because I liked it. I enjoyed this comfort of rolling around on the bed. That was when my lying father looked at me. Why, what’s the matter with ya?

“Are you not coming?”

Coming where? I was already here.

He wanted me to come closer to him… right? If that was what he wanted, then why did he ordered such a massive bed in the first place? I was not kidding. The bed that Caitel and I used whenever we sleep was big enough to fit six adult men. In fact, no matter how I rolled around on the bed while I slept, I would never fall because the bed was just so damn huge!

Why! Do! I! Have to sleep next to you!? In this gigantic bed!?


‘Fine, I’m going. I’m going!’

Geez, he was such a selfish bastard. I couldn’t stand my father’s eyes while he was staring at me like that, so I rolled and settled down beside Caitel, and he naturally pulled me into his arms.

Oh, it was comfortable.

I was afraid that I was done. I couldn’t believe that I had settled for this comfort; I was screwed, and I was seriously done for.


Nevertheless, a comfortable spot would remain a comfortable spot no matter whom I share it with. Oh, it’s so warm.

“Does that feel nice?”

“Uh-huh! You are so warm!”

This arm used to make me feel so nervous, but this just proved that humans indeed are adaptable creatures. Now, whenever I would sleep alone, I would feel so empty that I couldn’t sleep. Of course, whenever Caitel wasn’t around, I would sleep with my doll in my arms, but a soft toy couldn’t possibly mimic this warmth.

“Good night.”

Caitel’s lips touched my forehead. That smooch made me laugh. It’s the greeting I received every day, but I didn’t know why it would always tickle me. It felt good, though, so I couldn’t help myself from liking it. I kissed Caitel’s cheek in return and smiled.

“Have a sweet dream too, daddy!”

After that final kiss for the day, I closed my eyes as Caitel wrapped his arms around me.

Oh, today was another tough day. I couldn’t believe that I was working this hard at a young age. When I grew up, I thought that there would be more hard mental work waiting for me, but it didn’t matter. Let me just sleep for now. Let’s sleep.