Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 194

I knew it. He knew what they were talking about.

Nevertheless, it piqued my curiosity more. After all, Caitel was talking about it like it was not a big deal! Well, I was only a seven-year-old kid. Why was this topic even up for discussion already anyway? Were royalties a kind of species that were already living on their own at the age of seven? Seriously!? Was that what they were trying to say?

Even while working full-time in my past life, I had never lived alone. Now, I have to do it while I was still seven years old… One really never knew what would happen in their life.

“Do I have to live by myself now?”

Why was my dad insistent on keeping it to himself instead of telling it about me too?

When I looked up at him with a cute and pretty face, my father looked down upon me with pity. Judging by the way he looked at me… It seemed that that was a fair assumption. Why must my father pity me so? Actually, I felt the same for myself. What a bloody struggle it was to be loved! Oh, let me wipe my tears for a moment.

“It’s normal for royalty to have their own palace and live independently away from the imperial palace once they were born. However, it wasn’t necessarily something we had to worry about.”

I thought he wouldn’t explain it to me, but my dad was a bit of a nice guy, which was a high contrast from how I would usually view him as.

By the way, what exactly did he meant with those words? It’s common to have a separate palace and separate themselves away from the imperial palace? It looked like being independent wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. Still, what? Having a palace for myself was a standard custom in this place? I had never heard of such a thing…

“Why is it normal? If it is, then why am I living with you here?”

“Because I want it that way.”

… Was he certain that that was his only reason?

Caitel smiled if he wasn’t aware that my smile was slowly turning into something cold.

“Is that a good thing?”

“It’s good because it’s a sign that I favor you.”

It’s not good then.

Why was it a good thing to be the favorite of a man like him?

Well, it wasn’t like I couldn’t see that I was getting special treatment. Besides, I had no mother either…and I was a princess who depended on everything Caitel told me. However, that didn’t mean I needed it! To be the favorite of a man like him was not a fact that I relish!

“I, I’m going to sleep.”

Yeah, I just… just needed to go sleep for now. Oh, what a dirty world!