Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 193

When she saw me pouting, Serira laughed. Did my frown looked funny to her!? Was there anything remotely amusing about it!? I forgave her though cuz she was my mother. However, if it was Elyne, then I wouldn’t have any stew. (TL note: this is Korean idiom similar to that of “I would pull no punches.”)

Oh, now I wanted some Kimchi stew because of that idiom.

I was worried because I haven’t eaten spicy food lately. My taste had gone accustomed to the sweet stuff I consume. Suddenly, I had a craving for something spicy with a glass of soju too.

Why was I suddenly thinking about soju? I’m such an alcoholic.

“Now, you should go to bed.”


I already had my own room, but they also gave me another separate room used solely for me to sleep in. With that in mind, I kissed Serira on her cheek and looked at Assisi. I then smiled at him.

“Good night, Assisi.”

“You too, Princess.”

I walked out of the room after kissing Assisi’s cheek and arrived at the bedroom where I slept and woke up every day!

Caitel had already finished preparing the bed. Had he been waiting long? Seeing dad sitting at the table while reading a book made me sigh for nothing.

He’s over 30, and he’s…how could he look like that? How come he still looked so handsome? This world is just so unfair.

When I sighed, dad raised his face.

At that moment, our eyes met.

“All done with your bath?”

“Yeah, I’m all clean. See?”

I extended my hands towards him as if to allow his scrutinizing gaze all over me, Caitel smiled and closed his book. I looked at my father’s smile closely while holding his arms.

Seriously… This man was just so handsome. Looking at him alone was enough to fill me with joy. He’d be perfect if he could always keep his mouth shut like a statue.

Now that I had come to think about it… Maybe Caitel knew about what they were saying earlier.

Hmm… the trick here is how I should ask him about it, though.

Oh, I didn’t know. I should just do it. Well,

“Dad, am I going to go live alone?”

“Where did you get an idea like that?”

It was, indeed, an idea that I had never heard before. Still, I answered with all my heart.

“Elyne and Serira were wondering when I’d be sent to live on my own.”

“… they went and said something unnecessary.”

I had no idea if he was joking or something. I got even more confused.