Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 192

After drying my wet hair, Serira brushed it until it gleamed as beautifully as her skills. My hair looked gorgeous for a good reason. As I sat and felt a big comb brushing my hair, I suddenly saw an awkward scene.

“Elyne, what are you doing?”

“I am writing a diary.”

“A diary?”

‘You do?’

I had never seen anyone writing a diary since I was reincarnated, but I was surprised that the first person I would see writing a diary would be Elyne. Was she seriously writing one? I couldn’t believe it, so I dashed towards her, but Elyne hid her diary as she saw me approaching. Oh, that’s too much.

“Oh, no princess. You can’t look at it.”

The way she hid her diary in a fright irritated me.

“What, oh, come on! That’s so unfair.”

“But I cannot allow the princess to read this.”

I was wondering what she wrote, though!

When I looked at Elyne with a gaze filled with anger, she shook her head as if she could never go on living once I saw the contents of her diary. What a mean girl!

Then Serira patted my shoulder and pulled me towards her.

“It is because she’s writing about you, princess.”

“Lady Serira!”

Huh? What?

Elyne quickly turned red and called Serira’s name out of embarrassment. I felt relieved and looked back at Serira.

“About me?”

Elyne opened her mouth with a reddish face as if she were asking why she would say that. Was she a carp? Serira smiled at Elyne as if she was telling the blushing woman how cute she was before patting my hair again. Oh, my hair.

“She’s so determined that when the princess grows up, she’ll give it to you.”


Was it some kind of child-care diary?

It’s even more amazing because I never thought about it that way. That’s why she didn’t allow me to see it contained. However, that made me even more curious. Oh, I was just wondering what she wrote about me. Could I not steal it and have a bit of a peak?

As I looked at Elyne with such thoughts, I noticed how ashamed she was for having her secret revealed and could not even raise her head. It’s not something that she should be ashamed of, though. Elyne, who was biting her lips with teary face, suddenly shouted.

“I hate you, Lady Serira!”

Then she ran out suddenly. She often said that she hated my mom and me. Of course, another maid followed her, but by that time, she was already gone. It wouldn’t be easy to have her return to us. Serira, however, seemed nonchalant about the entire thing.

‘I was a little worried, too, Mom, but aren’t you worried?’

As I watched her brushing and tying my hair beautifully, I sighed for nothing. It would be messy once I awakened in the morning anyway.