Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 191

Sob sob, I wanted to remove all the dead skin on my body, but that sort of culture didn’t exist in this world. Thus, I couldn’t do that. Sob sob, they didn’t know how great it was.

I wanted to pull off all these dead skin!

However, if I asked someone to pull off those dead skin on my body, then they would think that I was a poor girl who had gone mad with a flower on her head. Ha.

“Do you think the Emperor would let the princess walk off on her own independently?”

Elyne was washing my hair, and she blurted something strange.

What was she talking about all of a sudden? Was I going to be independent?

Serira just sighed.

“Well, I don’t know either.”

“It’s long past the time to release her. I’m surprised that he was still living with her. I mean, It’s good to hear that the princess is more favored because of it, but…”

My eyes were closed in fear that the bubble in my hair would get in my eyes, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I turned my head.

“Am I going away from my father?”

Both of them just smiled upon hearing my question. However, It was not a pleasant smile. They showed a vague smile that they would make when they couldn’t explain something properly. I felt a little strange.

What were they hiding from me?

“Not yet.”

“But are they going to take me away from my father?”

Elyne sighed without giving me an answer. Serira’s expression did not differ much, so I guessed that it wasn’t excellent news to know. What!? It made me even more curious!

“No, don’t worry about it. Now, can you lift your head?”

Look at how they casually changed the topic! Their reaction was uncomfortable, so I didn’t push them any harder, but they kept their mouths shut after hearing my questions, fearing that I might call them out right away once they added more.

There must be something going on here!

The bathroom fell into silence in an instant. I groaned because of those useless questions.

What!? What was it? What were they hiding?

They didn’t say a word, so I had to end up feeling uncomfortable, although my bath time had always been refreshing.

After bathing, I poured some precious oil perfume on my body and even got a massage, but I didn’t feel any better. I just wanted to know more! Anyway, Elyne really just couldn’t control herself from opening that darn mouth of hers, oh.

Still, it was time to go to bed soon.

The star-studded skies seemed like it was forcing me to sleep. Yeah, fine, I would go to bed.

I changed my clothes into my comfortable pajamas and started getting ready for bed. However, I realized that my hair was still wet, so I had to dry my hair for a while. I didn’t care if I slept with wet hair, but my father would get annoyed. There was nothing I could do. I had to dry my hair.