Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 190 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 190

Chapter 190: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 190

What the hell did I expect from this guy? Now I felt like I was the one at fault. Ha, life remained wasted. Yeah, what did I want from him? Just my karma.

Scolding Assisi seemed to be over, for now, so Elene asked me as she pouted

“But what about this, Princess?”

What Elene meant was a statue of my crystal that was utterly crushed. Oh, I forgot about this problem. I guessed that my face must have looked terrible. Assisi’s face also showed his depressed state.

I wanted to ask Assisi as to why do humans live, anyway?

Oh, I didn’t have the answer. After thinking about it hard, I felt that it would be a bad idea to throw it away, so I wrapped it in clean silk and hid it under the bottom of my drawer.

If I did this, then my dad wouldn’t catch me.

However, now I was worried about the future. I treated that statue as if it was gold and silver, so my father would probably ask me as to where it went once I stopped carrying it around me. He didn’t say anything, but I noticed how Caitel would watch me cherish that statue with a warm smile on his face. Well, I didn’t know why he was doing that. What the hell was I supposed to do about this? What was I supposed to tell him? Should I say that I lent it to my friend?

… Oh, right. I didn’t have any friends. Tsk, my life indeed was just a progression of contemptible stories.

“Don’t worry about it too much. He won’t ask you.”

Serira comforted me as I suffered from worry. I clung to Serira at this time. Mom, sob sob.

“Now, princess, why don’t you go and get a bath?”

“Yes. Okay.”

I must go get a bath now.

I didn’t know why they had to prepare so much water for a seven-year-old girl to wash, but I was obliged to soak in a bathtub filled with different beautiful flowers that I had never seen before.

Once I moved in preparation for the bath, Assisi followed me in silence. I guessed that he wanted to stay in front of the bathroom while I took a bath… Oh, I was not so sure anymore.

I seemed to have given up on Assisi. The knight protecting the whole empire was now only guarding the entrance of my bathroom. It was a severe waste. Waste!

Still, it felt good to soak in hot water.

Besides, how comfortable it was to let my maids wash me as I stayed motionless. This was why all the princesses here looked so undecayed.

Yes, I liked being a princess, but I did have one complaint…

I wanted to pull off the dead skin on my body personally!