Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 19

The weather changed already.

I looked out the window with an awe-filled expression. The trees had already changed to their multi-colored clothes and leaves were falling down.

Ugh, it looked hard to clean up. No, this was not important…

Fall was coming. Damn, even if I tried to get into the mood, my personality got in the way.

“Here, Princess. This-”

The baby food Serira was giving me changed for I became eight months old. Of course, I was still drinking milk, but I was given both milk and baby food as if I was eating rice and soup.

Today was smashed kabocha.

“Ma ma. Ma ma.”

“That’s right. Good. Is it delicious?”


As I copied her with an awkward accent, Serira laughed brightly.

That’s right I can now say words similar to human speech. Well, my accent was strong, so I still couldn’t speak properly, which was a bit disheartening. ‘Why can’t I speak when I have a mouth? This must be the will of the heavens who are jealous of my intelligence!’ Yeah, right. It’s supposed to be like this…


As I chewed on the sweetness of the kabocha in my mouth, Elene popped up from the bottom. What I really wanted to do was to give her a pathetic look full of contempt, but since she did it for me, I gave her a bone.

Here Kid, I will give you a smile.

“Oh my, the Princess likes it.”

Elene sat near my crib, lowered her chin on the rails and smiled brightly.

‘Hey, I don’t like it at all, but I am laughing for your sake, okay?’

I seriously couldn’t tell if I was the baby or her.

Whatever, I just want to eat. Yum, yum. Sweet Pumpkin was delicious.

According to the whispering maids, I was a baby that was really fun to raise. When I thought about it, maybe the reason behind it was rather obvious. I mean, even I too, would want to raise a baby like me.

If I could find a baby like me who would not only listen well but also never cry or whine, then I, too, would want to raise that baby.

Not only was I all that, but weren’t I pretty to boot?

Hah, this devastating loveliness of mine!

“You grew a lot taller and your body weight is good. Our princess, you are working hard to grow up so well.”

Serira wiped my mouth with a handkerchief and smiled brightly.

Her face brightened up so much one could no longer find a trace of the shadow that used to hang over her face when we first met. It was still an uncertain period for me, so she could only meet her child once a month, but when the time comes that I am more stable and I no longer need her as much as before, she could meet her son more often.

When I heard what she said, it made me want to work harder to grow up quickly, but it’s not something I could just do if I worked hard at accomplishing it.

This was not something I could control on my own! Hmph. Ah, I felt down.

“Even within a short moment, her face changed numerous times.”

Ah, its him. Did he came again?

I turned my head, expressing my annoyance.

Serira and Elene were busy clearing my meal away, so they weren’t paying attention to where I was. Thanks to that, I could glare at the invisible guy as much as my heart desired.

“I feel a bit hurt. You’re still happy to see me right?”

You’re kidding me, right? Who are you trying to sell medicine to?

I put all my disbelief and contempt in my eyes as I glared at him, which made him laugh so hard his neck bent over.

Ah, crazy f*cker.

As if he wasn’t hanging out with another crazy guy, he’s off his rocker too. Of course, he still insisted he’s normal…

Usually, as a rule, crazy people didn’t know that they were crazy.

“I’m hurt. Your love for me must have cooled off!”

Fuck off. Stop shoving your weird face in front of my eyes.

As I freaked out and tried to pull away, the guy came closer. He came to the crib and started to beam a smile right in front of my eyes.

“Hey, you’re the one who said I was the only one you could talk to. Who was the one who said that was a good thing?”

It’s over. I don’t want to talk with a crazy guy like you! Go away!

I was about to die of anger. How did I get entangled with a crazy guy like him?

I resent myself for waking up in the middle of the night two months ago. Yeah, that’s right it’s all because of these teeth! I scrunched up my face as I resented the pointy teeth that appeared at the bottom. It turned out I woke up a lot during the night because I was teething. Even If I would wake up I woke up in front of a guy like that.

I shouldn’t have cheered with joy at that time. I really shouldn’t have.

He didn’t seem to get hurt by my exaggerated dislike of him. Instead, with the mentality of a crazy person, he would turn my insides out. That was the same as what he was doing now.

“Being gruff is cute too, my princess.”

‘Agh, fuck off! You!!! Yes you, I am talking to you!’

He chewed my animosity filled words as lightly as if they were gum. That son of a bitch.

“I don’t want to.”

Go f*ck yourself. Just go, and make sure you fall over too. He didn’t even blink at my outpour of curses. He simply stared at me in front of my face and patted my head.

It felt a bit different from the way Caitel patted my head. How could I explain it? I guess Caitel always gave me the feeling that he was petting a pet, but this f*cker gave me the feeling like he was pacifying a pet instead?

‘Ah, me. What was the difference? Tell me what’s the difference!’

“I find this fascinating. Even Caitel can’t see me when I’m like this.”

As Dranste said this, he looked unusually honest. I looked up at him with a ‘whatever’ expression. Even in the daylight, the dimly glowing blue lights coming from his cold eyes looked strange. He was definitely not human.

“You said it too, it was fascinating to be able to talk with me.”

Ah, that really was true. However, it was not fascinating enough for it to be worthwhile for me to endure his harassment! I put my foot down, but he just let my words flow in one ear and out the other ear.

Agh! That son of a bitch.

What did he said it was? It was supposedly some kind of telepathy.

That’s right, he seemed to find it too troublesome to explain, so he gave me such a half-hearted explanation. It made me want to punch him, but from what I heard, it really seemed to be that type of power.

Perhaps, in a few words, I was the one dropping my thoughts around anywhere, and he just happened to pick them up. My dad and Serira couldn’t hear it because they were perfectly human and their code didn’t match. Something about no permission to approach?

Ah, whatever. I no longer needed you, so can you go. Huh?

Read my mind!’

“Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of ability.”

Dranste hatefully talked back to me with a bright smile. I wanted to pinch that face at least once with a lot of hate and force behind it!

“Even a guy like me has limits.”

Ugh, this nasty fellow.

His overconfident smile was so nasty, I really wanted to ask my dad to go beat him up.

‘Dad, your daughter is being bullied!’

Now that I thought about it, I heard this voice somewhere. Yes, that’s right. I did hear this voice before. Was it when I was around 3 months? Yeah, in the middle of the night, he came with my dad and they equally broke into my room together.

Ah, I would like to send my past self who thought this guy was a normal person the middle finger through UPS. What kind of fucking normal person was this?!

“Cute. How many years old are you?”

I was not your pet okay, why were you asking how many years I lived?

Ugh, my insides were about to explode. He kept poking me in a sore spot! That’s right, I only lived 8 months so what would do about it?!

“Are you saying you were only born eight months ago?”

Stop asking when you already know the answer! Don’t confirm what you already know!

“Cute. So lovely.”

Yeah, thanks for the compliments.

However, he shouldn’t think he could win me over with this. That’s a mistake. (In Korean mistake end with the same word for mountain.) Mountains of Gyeonggi Province mistake. (Korean play on words)

… Ah sorry. That was lame. The one who should go fuck off was me.

I feel really sore.

I felt so sore I just sat there with puffed up cheeks. The guy started laughing again.

What the- Not only Caitel but that guy too? Why do they all laugh at me?

Was I funny? Perhaps, I looked funny?

I hadn’t seen a mirror yet, so I had no idea how I looked like. Someone needed to hand me the thing called a mirror, so I could see myself.

sighed. Then, my bottom lips started to stick out for some reason.

Anyway, why did I have this ability?

“Huh? What?”

The ability to see you, you piece of gum wad.

“I told you last time. It’s because of your bloodline.”

He gave a half-assed answer as he stroked my cheek. I started to get miffed.

What do you mean by my bloodline?

“How the hell would I know?”

What the hell do you know?

My look of contempt shot right through him.

If it had been someone else they would not be able to decipher such an odd look from me, but this guy instantly knew what I meant. To think this guy could understand even things like this with his 100 percent telepathy toward me.

Tsk, I used my small arm to slap his arm annoyingly which made him pull his hand back. I should have done this from the start.

He used the hand he pulled away to support his chin instead.

“You have better sight than normal babies. From what I can see, that’s all thanks to your good bloodline. Of course, your current development is also thanks to that too. Your Cognitive and Intellectual development is already over. And your mental development at this point is, well, good enough. Isn’t your mental growth practically over at this point and just your body is still a baby?”

Can you not proudly show off something that I already know. So If I follow his logic, the fact that I have the whole previous life memories might be thanks to the influence of my bloodline. Or maybe not.

“If the blood mixed in your genetics ran a bit thicker, your physical development wouldn’t have lagged behind your mental growth and would have been as fast…with the exception of the eyes- Well. Tsk. Unfortunately, it looks like it isn’t so.”

Are you saying I am not human?’

The question I threw out made him laugh.

That night, I couldn’t see him well but Dranste under the sun was a beauty that didn’t lose to Caitel. If you had to compare them, technically it was a victory for my daddy. If you think about it, no one could beat Caitel’s beauty. If you only analyze that human(Caitel), his beauty was not even human at all.

“Perhaps, in this world, there are all kinds of people. If I had to specify, you’re about 98.2 percent human?”

Then that’s just human. Do you want to fucking die?

“Uh huh! But a lady must not be so foul-mouthed.”

He’s the one who started it with his teasing and now he’s acting like this again. I feel as if my insides will explode from all this inner fire. Hwa-byeong(anger disorder). Ah, Hwa-byeong. If I faint due to Hwa-byeong at this tender age it’s all thanks to that guy.

Dad, please beat that guy up. (Sob Sob).