Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 189 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 189

Chapter 189: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 189

Assisi, who had disappeared after leaving me during the day, returned to the palace that evening and then shushed himself up before crawling like a sinner who had committed a grave sin. Of course, he’s not really crawling, it’s a figure of speech, oh, whatever, you get what I mean!

Anyway, I stared at Assisi with my arms folded, full of anger.

“Assisi, how could you do that? You left me behind! That’s unacceptable!”

“I am so sorry.”

“Oh, you’re sorry! Is that it?!”

Assisi winced upon hearing my cry. He had a heartfelt look of remorse, but even after seeing his gaunt face, I still didn’t want to forgive him. He would reflect upon his action, but he would do it again next time! It wasn’t the first time Assisi left me, and I was already so used to it now, but I just could not understand it.

Why was he so afraid of children to the point of fleeing upon contacting them? That was not even mentioning how he left me alone!

I was better off sustaining some injury from an assassin’s attack or something. I really couldn’t understand. Maybe that’s why I felt even more fixated by what he had done to me. Needless to say, I would never let him suffer the same vexation I had to endure whenever I saw the twins, never!

“You promised to protect me. You’re a liar!”

“Well, that’s….”

“Are you making excuses? Assisi! How could you after what you had done to me?!”

Assisi, who had been under fire because of me, bowed his head with a perplexed look. Then, he raised his head with his fists clenched as if he had made a big decision.

“Yes, I am a sinner, and I deserve to die. Should I die? How would you like me to carry out my own execution? Perhaps you already have a punishment in mind?”


I couldn’t possibly think of such a thing.

Assisi then pulled out his sword. His behavior was so unusual that I was seized with fear. Oh, my God. He would really kill himself. He was more than capable of doing so.

I grabbed Assisi’s arm in a hurry. I couldn’t even get mad at this guy!

“No, stop it. You’re human! You’re allowed to make mistakes!”

Yeah, well, maybe I should just ask Assisi to kill me instead? I was sure that the twins wouldn’t really be the reason for my death… right? Oh, I was not sure anymore.

“But I just don’t know what to deal with little children.”

“Why don’t you just do what you normally do?”

What’s so hard about that? However, Assisi’s answer differed a little.

“I see. You have enlightened me, my princess! From now on, I, Assis, do solemnly swear to cut down all children who would dare come to you!”

“Sorry, just run away.”

I felt so tired…