Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 188 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 188

Chapter 188: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 188

Yeah, I would just let these guys fight. I was ready to play alone. I gave up and turned to the garden. Assisi was not around me anymore, and the world is so lovely! Shoot!

“Don’t be ridiculous! If you keep doing this, I’ll tell my dad about you!”

The funny thing was that I would leave the three on their own and go to the garden on my own, and they would follow me while fighting. I wish they would forget about me, but that dream was of no use.

“I’m going to tell this to my mom! My mom is strong!”

Cito shouted upon hearing the twins’ words. Listening quietly, I immediately agreed. Serira was an influential lady.

There’s nothing in the world that could beat mom!

“My dad is stronger! My father is Count Viterbo!”

“My father is an Earl, too! Count Pastryl!”

“You don’t have a father! Stop fooling around! My dad is alive!”

“He’s not here right now!”

“You are right!”

What were they even fighting about now?

They fought over who’s going to play with me, but the conversation suddenly turned into a sour direction.

“B, but my family is a marquis house!”

“So what? My house is also ruled by a countess!”

“My father is a Chancellor! Don’t be mean to us! If he says the word, then your house is over!”

“Ha! That’s funny. If my mom says a word, then you can’t come to this palace anymore!”

What’s up with their fight? I didn’t get it.

The children’s thoughts and ideas were too dangerous for me. Oh, as expected, I was an adult. I was so glad. It was sad not to understand such a pure heart, but it was okay. I didn’t need to know.

Even if I was walking away from them or not, the three of them were still fighting over who held greater power.

“My dad is stronger!”

“My mother is stronger!”

“My dad is stronger! Do you want a taste of a document bomb!”

“My mother is stronger! You don’t know about the nagging bomb, don’t you?”

I just want to be inanimate. This was the first time I wished to be something lifeless. Ha, I should just return into the garden and restore my peace of mind. The boys’ strange battle continued behind me, but I just ignored it. I felt like my suicidal thoughts would heighten if I learned what they were saying.

“What is going on here?”

Wait, that voice sounded familiar.


My dad was here!

I ran towards Caitel, who was in front of me right away to welcome him.

It was Dad! Come on! Welcome him, too! Caitel had a suspicious look on his face as soon as I saw him. That was when I ran to him, but I didn’t care. I was a big girl!

More than anything, I wished that my Dad would save me! I thought that I would die surely. It’s the first time in my life that I had been so pleased about seeing Caitel. Ha, I couldn’t believe that I would ever feel such happiness to see his arrival.

I caught Caitel right away in a hopeful voice.

“Dad, they’re fighting. They’re fighting over their house rank! They’re saying that their father is the best!”

So top it then, please! Okay?

However, Caitel, who was listening to me, suddenly laughs, and then he…

“Really? I’m the Emperor.”


Was he a baby?