Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 187

Chapter 187: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 187

I heaved a deep sigh. My head was already throbbing. Oh, I should have just sent the twins back when they came. Why did I let them see each other and intensified the already troublesome scenario? Sob sob, I was so stupid. Stupid me.

“Ria, why is he here?”

“Ria, you were supposed to play with me today!”

Their triangulation looked so terrible. I made up my mind that I should never fall into the trap of a love triangle. I can’t imagine how stressing a love square then?

Before that could ever happen, I still had a great challenge of ending this love triangle, ha.

“I’m going to play with Ria!”

“No! Ria’s going to play with me!”

“Ria is closer to me!”

“No! I’m closer! Right?!”

I suddenly felt a headache.

The three of them were now leaving me in my lonesome and gathering among themselves while shouting out loud. It was so unlike South Korea, where people with a more prominent voice won. What the hell had I subjected myself into?

“I’ve been close to Ria since I was three!”

“We’ve been close since we were three years old!”

The twins had been close to me since they were a year old, though.

I had been playing with them since they first saw the light of day. We had not been close to each other since they were three years old! Thus, when these guys were still infants, was their warm smiled just their simplest way of greeting me? These little ones already knew how to handle a woman.

“Go away! I’m not playing with you!”

“You guys go away! Ria will play with me!”

Please help me, Assisi!

It seemed that this hellhole that I had subjected myself into would never end! Serira even looked at us with a perplexed expression while Elene seemed so thrilled as he anticipated to see another fun sight. This lady, I swear!

Well yeah. The only person who could save me now was my knight.

Now, Assisi, save me! Now!

However, as soon as he realized what I was getting into, he hesitated before running away.


Assisi was gone, and along with his departure, my world had ended as well, oh god!

That was too much, even for Assisi! He abandoned me! He was supposed to be my guardian knight who swore to protect me from all the dangers of the world! This was clearly a sign of danger!

However, even the Black Knight of the Empire couldn’t protect me from children. Still, How could he do this to me! Oh, my God!

“I’m sure she’ll play with me first today. Isn’t that right, Ria?”

“… Can’t I just play by myself?”

I was really great at doing things in my lonesome.

However, my last wish shattered before my eyes.

“Lia belongs to us! We reserved her first!”

“Lia is my sister! She prefers to play with me!”

Hey, guys? Hello? Everyone?

Somehow, I saw Ferdel in my mind just for a brief amount of time. Oh, let’s wipe the tears for a second.