Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 186

Chapter 186: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 186

“Stop crying, you guys!”

I beguiled them, and they stop crying, although their tears still flowed. Their eyes were adorable, and it’s cute to see them grinning and trying to hold back their tears…

No! I must not be fooled! There’s a demon in there!

… Well, it was true that they were cute, though. Yeah, I would sacrifice myself for these guys tomorrow.

“For now, this is a secret, okay? You can’t tell Ferdel or Silvia!”

“E, even my mom?”

Sanse asked back with tears in his eyes. I grinned as I stared at his cute face.

“You have to tell me first if you wish to do it, but you’ll need to have a one-on-one meeting with my dad, would you like that?”

I didn’t want to cheat on Silvia, but this was a matter of her children’s lives. At the moment, I seemed to have been setting Ferdel aside as if he had nothing to do with this whole cheating situation, but it was probably because of my feelings. We should all just get over it.

Mentioning Caitel was pretty useful for these two guys. They made long faces and grew pale. Yes, these guys knew it too. Caitel wouldn’t let them escape. Although Valer and Sanse were like this palace’s mad dogs, they would still act like well-behaved children in front of Caitel.


Then I heard another voice calling me from behind.

My body instinctively hardened. I felt like I was truly doomed.

Another accident happened, and I forgot about it. In fact, I was anticipating another ordeal bigger than that. Was that incident a small prelude to this event?

I hadn’t even shooed the twins away! Why must Graecito come so fast? I looked back just in case, but it seemed that I was not allowed to dream or hope anymore. I was doomed.



Three little boys in the hallway instantly displayed their hatred for one another.

The twins looked at Graecito with a bright face and frowned as if they hadn’t cried. Graecito looked at the twins who clung to me with a grimace.

“Why are you guys here?”

“And what about you!”

… Why do these two camps hate each other so much, anyway?

I knew how Graecito felt since I had been playing with him for all this time. Now that I was playing with the twins, I knew that he felt like they took me away from him. That’s why he didn’t like either of them. However, I was confounded as to why the twins felt the same for Graecito. Was it just separation anxiety? Either way, I was still in trouble.