Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 185

Chapter 185: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 185

However, it couldn’t stop the feverish twins from fighting. What was I supposed to do about this? You damn little bastards. I was agonizing over how to defeat these satanic beagles when suddenly, Valer’s eyes sparkled.

“Oh, Ria! What’s that?”

… I was a little nervous about this. I watched Valer’s behavior with an edgy look. Valer soon approached something decorated in the corridor of the Solay Palace. It was a silver statue, but that was not the problem.

I hid something in that very corner, behind that statue! That something was what I was worried about! Why doesn’t a bad foreboding always go wrong?

“Oh! It’s a crystal sculpture!”

“Wow, I’ve never seen this before!”

That was a replica of the winter tree that an Andrus glass craftsman carved carefully. For your information, it was a tribute to Caitel, but when I complimented how pretty it was, he decided to give that said statue to me. It’s something I really cared about. I had hidden it when they came before because I was sure that something terrible would happen because of the twins. Oh, I thought that they would never find it if I put it there. How could these bastards be so observant?

I tried to be as calm as possible. No, nothing would happen just because they looked at it. Yes, It would be fine!

“Don’t touch-”


A loud bang resounded throughout the place before I could finish talking.


… Oh, such a good statue wasted.

“R, Ria…”

What should I do? Maybe I should die. Yeah, I just wanna die. If I died, then I’d feel comfortable.

I felt like quietly booking a ticket for the Underworld express. Maybe I should ask the Grim Reaper how much it would cost for a one way trip to the ghastly realms of the Inferno. I wanted to leave this cruel world first.

“Ria, I’m sorry.”

“Sanse is sorry, too!”

They were probably sincere as they begged for my forgiveness. Both of them suddenly started crying. Hey, I was the one who wanted to cry! Why were these two the ones crying now? However, Assisi, who couldn’t soothe the crying child, would probably just run away, so I didn’t cry.

What the hell was happening here? Why couldn’t I experience a day filled with nothing but comfort? God, I wanted to live my life high flown and contented.

Was I not allowed such bliss? What? No? Okay…

“Don’t cry, you fools!”

Oh, I give up.

I just got over it all. First of all, we needed to clean that mess. I looked back and saw that the maids were already preparing to clean it. There was nothing I could do.

“Just clean them for now, but don’t throw it away.”

“Yes, Princess.”

It was clear that if Caitel heard about this, then the twins would never see another day. It couldn’t be helped even if these guys were Caitel’s nephews. That’s just who Caitel was!