Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 184

Assisi, who had an irrational fear of children, would never be able to get along well with the twins. When Graecito came to visit, he stuck to me and was wary of him, but he was just busy avoiding the twins because they were his nephews. Of course, he was busy avoiding Silvia even when she came alone.

… What was wrong with this guy?

“Oh, Uncle.”

“Hello, uncle!”

Unlike Valtorta, who said hello without qualms, Sanse, who seemed scared and can’t even look straight at Assisi, held my sleeve.

Whatever they said, Assisi would still look like he wanted to run away. If it wasn’t for me, he would have run away. Ha, the weakness of the darkest knight in the world was not a woman, not wealth, but children running after him. What an end of this world.

“Then Ria, we—”

“Wait a minute!”

However, this was really a big deal. Looking at the two beagles who were staring at me, I fell into a deep ambivalence. How the hell was I supposed to send them back? Graecito came here first, and above all, I had a previous engagement to play with Graecito first. I didn’t hate twins, but it had been a while since I saw Cito.

I wish we could all just play together, but there was one problem. Graecito and the twins really didn’t get along. What should I do?



If the three of us met like this, I would probably unlock the Achievement called <Congratulations, it is War>. How could I solve this problem without conflict? The two were shaking my arms like crazy, but this kind of obstruction had distracted my mind now.

Ha, I was training my mind because of these two.

“Let go of me, both of you! I told you to call me a Nuna (older sister), didn’t I?”

“No! Ria is mine!”

Valer hugged me and shouted. Because of that, Sanse, who was left out, fluffed out his cheeks and tore off Valer. He then hugged me.

“Valer, go away! Ria is Sanse’s!”

“I am your older brother! Ria is mine!”

“You both let go of me. I am mine.”

These were some kind of tug-of-war happening because of me.

Oh, I knew how much they loved me, but this was why a celebrity would always feel tired just by existing. Whatever I did, they would love me so much. Oh no, this fatal popularity.

“Ria is Sanse’s!”

“I said go away, Sanse! Ria is Valer’s!”

‘No one owns me, you bastards!’