Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 183

I didn’t have enough time to escape them. They both ran towards me like running beagles and forced me to dedicate my day with them. I now lost my peace. No, it wasn’t there anyway.

“Ria, I missed you!”

“Ria, did you miss us?”

Valtorta kept telling me that they both missed me, hanging my arms, and Sansebastian asked me if I missed them. Those twins sounded like they like reminding me that this was not a dream, it’s reality.

Oh, I disliked this kind of kindness.

I wasn’t the only one who was surprised because of the twin’s sudden arrival. Assisi was perplexed, and the court maids who were passing by breathed a sigh out of anxiety for the palace, which was already dizzying everyone. These guys were so outspoken about how troubled they were.

“W, what about Sil?”

Once I surrendered to the twins while they were holding me on both sides and quickly looked for my only ally to control these two beagles.

However, the sight of Silvia was nowhere to be seen. No way! No, she must have come with them. Valtorta tilted his head upon hearing my question.

‘… You can’t do that. She’s your mother.’

“Mom? Well, I don’t know. Sanse, do you know?”

“I don’t know.”

Did they leave their mom?

Suddenly, I felt sorry for Silvia, who had the two devils as her sons. Oh, Sil. None of them looked like her; they both looked like Ferdel, the beagle.

Of course, they said one couldn’t decide who their children would be, but it was severe at this point.

“Ria! Let’s do that today, that!”

Valer chirped with excitement. Sanse closed his mouth and stared at me.

Since twins were twins, they looked exactly the same, but both of them were so different that one could quickly pinpoint who’s Valer and who’s Sanse. Above all, Valer was the villain of this country, and Sanse was the henchman of that villain. What that meant was that Valer was in the middle of every trouble in the palace. Sanse was dragged around by Valer just because they were twins. However, they always get punished together.

Oh, poor child.

“What are you going to do as soon as you get here? Stand still for now! Say hello to your uncle, you guys!”

Assisi was already giving up everything and turning a blind eye to us.

‘Assisi, no. You have to save me from these rascals!’