Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 182 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 182

“Hmm? Assisi, why are you laughing?”

Suddenly, Assisi smiled. He wasn’t laughing out loud, but I started wondering about it more since he was showing a pleasant smile. What’s wrong with him? Did he take snorted some kind of drug?

“Because you look happy.”


I was not happy, though.

However, since I saw Assisi’s smile, I would just let it slide. It was so rare for Assisi to show a smile. Of course, he would sometimes smile these days, but when he first became my knight, It was such a bizarre and ridiculous sight whenever I caught a glimpse of his smile. Ha…

When I thought of that time compared to Assisi now, he lost all his sharp claws and teeth. Now he was somewhat like a puppy. Back then, not only the children but even the maids in the palace were reluctant to get close to him since he was in such a dark and gloomy atmosphere.

That atmosphere was hard to find anymore now. Of course, sometimes I would feel it, but…


Huh? Who was it all of a sudden?

I frowned in spite of the voice that I heard while looking at Assisi in a leisurely. There were not many people in the palace who could call me in this way. No, wait, this voice was…


“Ria, we’re here!”

The Devil’s Twins!

I was getting cold feet. It was clearly the voice of Valtorta.

Now, wait. I didn’t know that they were coming today!

I was not ready yet! Being prepared was necessary whenever I met the twins!

Valtorta, Sansebastian.

They were Viterbo’s villains who resembled Ferdel and Silvia.

I think it was cute since they were called villains, but after meeting them, one would realize that they were not cute at all. I had seen them since they were babies, and now, they’re like my own brothers, but sometimes, I would really analyze them seriously. Sometimes I would wonder what I should do with them.

People would say that they were ‘hateful six-years-olds’ and ‘driving-others-mad seven-year-olds.’ but why would anyone say that? Good seven years old me, and that devil Viterbo twins.

The twins really loved trouble, and every time they came to play, all the maids and servants in the palace get nervous. It was a relief that their pranks ended up like that, but these lunatics even played dangerous pranks with the palace’s high-ranking officials, so I couldn’t lift my face around.

Well, I was glad that they were kind of good for me, but… Fortunately, they didn’t even dare to touch my father. I thought that it was their natural will to survive. Regardless, they would only do what they were not allowed to do.