Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 181 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 181

It was last year when we decided to cut the days I spent playing with Graecito. It was because he had to start learning how to use a sword since he was a boy. Thus, these days, it was Grecito’s daily routine to go to bed right away or practice swordsmanship without playing with me. He said that all parts of his body screamed after his practice.

A cheap fellow…

However, when I saw Graecito, who said that his father was a great swordmaster and wanted to be like his father, I thought that he’s already a great kid. Well, that’s why I was supporting and cheering him.

“No training today?”

He seemed to be taking the first break he had since he started his education, so I couldn’t even ask him to play with me. I just called the chef in to feed him a lot of delicious food, and Graecito smiled brightly with a sunburned face.

“Yes! So I came to play with Ria!”

“You said it was hard.”

I was a girl, so I didn’t know much about swordsmanship, but I had heard that usually, the tutors didn’t treat them like a child. After all, on the battlefield, an easy lesson meant death. Thus, they deliberately made them move without rest, put on heavy armor, and lifted heavy swords. Perhaps, because of that, at the age of nine, Graecito’s body was much stronger than the Viterbo twins.

He already had visible six-pack abs.

“It’s all right! Ria, you missed your older brother, too, didn’t you?”

“No? Not at all.”

Who told him that? Graecito smiled brightly without knowing that my face was rotting.

It made me feel weak again… Hah, I couldn’t help it. He liked me this much, and if I resisted him, then I would be on the wrong. Yeah, I couldn’t help it. I would hang out with him today.

“Let’s eat delicious food first and then play. Sounds good, right?”

I told Elene to serve me a simple meal, and I left the room with Assisi, to allow the mother and son reunite in the room. He looked at me like he was pleading, but… Didn’t he think that a mother and her son needed their own time?

However, it was hard to explain, so I just shrugged and took Assisi to the garden. I should go there first. Then Serira would bring Cito with her later.

Oh, I thought that I was a really lovely person.