Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 180

Chapter 180: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 180

“By the way, Assisi,”


Assisi raised his head upon hearing my voice. I grinned at his pretty eyes as it met mine. Soon, I glared fiercely at him.

“Why do you call me princess again? Do you want to die?”

It had been a long time since I allowed him to use my name whenever he would call me, and he was still calling me princess!

Assisi closed his mouth. He shut his mouth every time he was at a disadvantage. Observe how he would shut himself up whenever he was in an uncompromising situation. On top of that, I gave him a lot of threats.

“Next time, call my name! If you don’t call my name, I won’t answer!”

“Yes, Princess.”

… It had been less than ten seconds since I told him to call me by my name.

At the sound of him calling me princess, I opened my mouth and stared at him. He also seemed embarrassed and couldn’t stay calm. He didn’t mean to fool me, did he?

Asish coughed in vain as he stared at me.



Yeah, that’s how one should address me! It was so lovely to hear that!

Assisi smiled in my praise. Oh, did he like that?

“Good job, my knight.”

I wanted to pat his head too, but I gave it up since I couldn’t reach him. While Assisi was at a moment of embarrassment, I smiled at him once more, and I held the pen in my hand again.

I should study, yeah, study, hehe.

“Let’s just finish this and play. How about kicking a ball?”

Assisi calmed himself down and nodded. I smiled brightly, hehe.

“I agree to play, but I don’t think it’s safe to play ball…”

“Uh, then, tag?”

“I don’t think playing tag is also safe…”

What other games were as safe as tagging? Still, I would think about it. Oh, well, it could instantly turn into a scary game if one went on a fight while playing tag. Why didn’t they just made a game where no one had to touch anyone?

“Well, how about a race?”

“There should be something safer than racing…”

This bastard! No, how much safer did he need to concede?

“Just do it!”

As soon as I shouted, Assisi shut his mouth seriously. Then, the next thing he said…

“But safety is important…”

Did this guy really wanted to die?!