Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 179

Chapter 179: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 179

Assisi’s face turned red. He looked like a tomato, ready to explode. Oh, he was so cute.



He might be flustered, but he quickly regained his composure.

Well, that’s too bad. I thought that I could make fun of him some more. Still, he was really embarrassed at first even though he was flustered for hours earlier, but he became quite calm these days. I liked the days when he was innocent. Our Assisi had changed. I didn’t raise him like this!

Well, of course, I never actually raised him.


I would just curl my lips without saying anything, and Assisi looked at me because I was going to keep my mouth closed. He seemed worried about me. At first, he ran away when he saw me and didn’t even look at me properly, but Assisi was used to me now, so he wouldn’t mind staring at me in the eye, which made me feel strange for nothing.

Why, why! Why did I feel like I was playing around with a younger boy when I was younger than him? I felt like I did something wrong! What was this guilt within me? It was really a mystery. Why was I feeling like I was corrupting Assisi?

No! I was not wrong. Yes! I was innocent!

It’s all because of those eyes of his. Yeah, it’s all because of those eyes! That pure eyes that looked like it knew nothing excited the guilt within me!

It was especially goldish green, and the Assisi’s seemed to have stars within them. It always looked so moisturized with nothing but sorrows, which were secretly shaking people’s minds.

Oh, I was glad Assisi was a pure kid who knew nothing. Otherwise, he would have been a really sinful man.

“Princess, do you have something to say to me?”

He turned his eyes to see as if he was embarrassed and asked me stealthily. Did he felt uncomfortable because I kept staring at him?

However, his troubled expression was just so cute…

Oh, no. I was doomed, too. I was just thinking that this guy was cute. He was much older than me! That man was now thirty! Well, we were the same age mentally, but I didn’t even know how old I was anymore.

“No. Nothing.”

It was such a big deal. Although I had been reborn, I couldn’t live as a child anymore because of the memories I had in my previous life. However, for some reason, being a child was perfect for my character, and I felt like my mental age had never grown since I was reincarnated… Was it really such a great idea to be rejuvenated?



“Your pen has stopped.”

Oh, that’s because I was worried about my future and my situation.

And your future too.