Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 178

Chapter 178: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 178

“Elene, if you want to check those gifts so much, why don’t you do it somewhere else. You’re loud.”

“What’s all these complaints about me!?”

Elene was outraged, but I didn’t agree at all. She was loud, and she was noisy from head to foot. Her future marriage was pitifully noisy. Of course, loud was Elene’s charm. However, there’s no reason to radiate that charm now! I was studying that, too!

“Oh, shut up. If I say you’re loud, I mean it!”

“Princess, that’s too much!”

“You’re worse!”

“You almost memorized it anyway!”

“I haven’t memorized all of them yet!”

Elene clenched her lips upon hearing my answer. She looked angry at me, and she had a fierce look in her eyes.

What… what did I do? Did she want me to go and comfort her?

Who told her to be loud beside me?

I kept my mouth shut and stared at her, and Elene suddenly turned away.

“Yes, I should just go and die here.”

And left the room as it was. Oh, this woman!

“She always says that she should die. You’re not even going to die!”

I thought I’d go out and play once more, and I quit because I was sure that Serira would scold both of us. Tsk, I was a good girl, and I was letting her go this time.

Assisi and I had eye contact when I fixed the grab of the fountain pen again.

Assisi smiles. What was it?

I didn’t know what he was smiling about, but it was just a light smile with a slight smudge around his mouth, which made me a bit embarrassed because he was so pretty. What kind of man was he to be so beautiful? I wished that he could share that beauty with me. However, that would be hard, tsk.

“Assisi, don’t you think that Elene is too sensitive these days? Is she pregnant or something?”

“… Isn’t she a virgin?”

“Of course. I’m joking. Don’t take it seriously.”


Assisi stooped quietly. He looked ashamed.

Oh, I was going crazy.

I shut my mouth to hold back a laugh that would soon explode, but it didn’t help much. Just now, I was fighting with Elene, and my feelings were crawling at the bottom of the floor, but with Assisi’s reaction, I quickly jumped into the stratosphere. Yes, I lived for this.

How on earth could he take it seriously? As soon as I grinned, Assisi coughed in vain. Now I smiled openly.

It was definitely embarrassing for Assisi, eh?

I would not let this one slide, though.