Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 177

Now that I had come to think about it, this was the life I had always dreamed of, but when it became a reality, it was just… so mundane. I wanted to be Cinderella because I was a girl, and it happened through reincarnation. Well, since I was a child, I had become crazier about chocolate than diamonds, but becoming a princess was a considerable difference. Thank you, God!

It’s all good, but it would have been better if my dad was out of the picture. Well, that’s too bad.


I frowned while drawing lines on a sheet of paper, and Assisi called me from the front.

As our eyes met, Assisi quietly pointed to my letter that looked like it was a crawling earthworm.

Oh, no! I got the wrong letter again.

It was really a problem. No, why! I was studying with a good fountain pen and good paper, and I couldn’t practice my handwriting like this!

Above all, the letters in this country were harder than Hangul. It was even harder than English. That’s why I thought that I would die. Couldn’t we just write it in Korean? Hangul was so precious. Suddenly, I wanted to return to Korea. Should I invent the Hangeul? If I took a pan-dimensional scam with the Hangeul and said that this was the language I had created… King Sejong would accuse me of fraud in heaven, damn it.

“You spelled it wrong.”

“Yes, I can see that.”

What should I do with such a lack of linguistic talent?

The only good thing was that I had mastered was listening and speaking. All I have to do now is write and read, but the problem was that they’re both hard. I couldn’t believe that I was doing all this again when I was old enough. Ha, I wished that I could have some more cakes.

“This is a dress. It would be pretty if Princess wore it.”


“Oh, these are cute earrings. Would you like to try it now?”


“Oh, I’ve never seen this before. Oh, it’s a dress decoration. It’s cute.”

… Hey, I couldn’t concentrate!

Why couldn’t she just open those things in her room? What’s the big deal? Elene’s chattering was disrupting me, but I thought I would go crazy because she kept talking to me!

Elene was twenty-two now, but her personality was the same as when she was a teenager. Her carelessness was a bit better, but it was an improvement from Elene’s standards that had always been one of a kind. Now, no one in Solay was surprised upon seeing her injuries. Anyway, there were six maids under her, and the dignity of her seniority was not visible at all. Well, if that’s talent, then it was one hell of a skill.