Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 176

Unlike the time I spent in childhood when the only thing I had to do was to grow up, I was now subjected to more work.

What this meant was… I was studying now.

Ha, well, it’s something I had to do someday anyway, but it indeed bothered me! I wanted to be four years old forever. As I wrote and lamented, Ilyn looked at me. I then focused on studying the letters that I must learn. I was glad I didn’t take any more etiquette lessons.

“Princess, haven’t you unpacked what you got for your birthday yet?”

What were they talking about? I looked back, and I saw Ilyn shaking something.

… Was that all my birthday presents from my last birthday that was over half a year?

I didn’t know if she found them while cleaning or just carried them out, but I was sure they were my birthday presents. That was only a part of it, and the rest were stuck somewhere, rotting away. I then shrugged.

“I won’t open them. Leave it.”

“Why? You have to check what you got.”

Ilyn said, but I didn’t feel like opening the present. I opened the gifts from people who were close to me or from the people I know. Therefore, the gifts that were stuck in a corner were ones from people who were not close to me. Most of them were given to me by high-ranking nobles, so I just put them in a corner and ignore them.

“It’s all the same, anyway. I’m too lazy to open them.”

One could open their presents if they wanted. I bet that most of the gifts would be dresses and jewelry. There was a small tiara in the box that Ilyn opened. Ilyn liked it, saying it was cute, but I didn’t feel anything. I thought that it was because I saw those kinds of things every day.

All other gifts would be the same anyway.

What’s happening in this country? Gifts that were sent for trickery couldn’t be eradicated wherever one might go. I remembered Kim, who was the department head of the other world. Oh, no. I shook my head. Anyway, it’s all the same no matter where they might have come from.

I breathed a sigh for nothing, then suddenly, I frowned.

However, when did I become such a person who looked down on dresses and jewelry? It was probably because I was so used to the scale of the imperial family. I once hesitated to use 10 dollars, but now, a 5-carat diamond wouldn’t impress me.

I had loads of money!

It was an unbelievable fact, but it was a reality.

Well, I had a lot of money. I wasn’t only wealthy, but I was already bombarded with jewels and dresses.

I had become more than just prosperous!

This was a reversal of life! No, it’s the work of reincarnation!