Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 175

“By the way, my princess is about to have a private tutor.”

“A private tutor?”

I thought it was some kind of joke, but Caitel reacted.

“Surely. Has it already come to that time?”

Did that mean I have to start my studies soon? Was that the case?

Suddenly, I had a nightmare about the Hangul, English, Maths, Science, and History, but as far as I know, the royal family did not go to school. Did I have to? However, if I had a personal tutor, then would I be taking classes in the palace? It might be natural for high-ranking nobles and royal family members, but it was a bit of a novelty for me, who was not a born royal family. Wow, a governess! Not just a tutor, but a governess!

“In that way, I…”

“Who should I pick?”

Hey, I think Ferdel just said something… However, what my dad said immediately buried Ferdel’s words.


“Assisi, would you like to try?”

“Hey, I…”

“No, I won’t be able to teach the princess properly.”

We’ll play all the time, so that’s alright.

Anyway, neither of them seemed to hear Ferdel’s voice. How many times had they ignored him? He waved his hands together and popped his head out, but both of them remained calm, treating him like an invisible man.

… P-poor dude…

“Hey, guys, can’t you hear me?”

They were just ignoring him… there was no way they could not hear him when he was talking right beside them.

Ferdel seemed like he wanted to cry.

“No, I heard you.”

I felt sorry that he kept getting ignored for no reason, so I told him that I heard him, but maybe I shouldn’t have done it. Ferdel looked up at me with tearful eyes. Somehow, his eyes seemed like it was saying, “My angel, oh, my Sunshine,” but I was probably seeing things.

However, was I the only one who thought that I could read his mind? Was I mind-reader now?

“But Ferdel is busy with his chancellor works.”

“Then, I can retire from being a Chancellor!”

I could not believe what the Chancellor of a Country was saying.


At that moment, the screams of Ferdel reverberated.

I thought that he deserved this. Caitel beat him one more time. Yeah, who else would sit still when their employees announced that they would not do their task even if they were not a tyrant like Caitel. Anyway, Ferdel sat while grabbing his head.

Tsk tsk, stupid.