Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 174

Come to think of it, Caitel seemed somehow incredibly uncomfortable.

Is it jealousy? Oh, come on. How could my father do such a thing? Right?


While I was thinking about how upset he was, Caitel’s voice rang low.

What is it, dad?

Initially, the tone of his voice was rather low, but now, his voice sounded really eerie low. I thought I did something wrong. Like me, Assisi shuddered and shook.

I glared at my father upon observing it. Hey, why was he persecuting my Assisi!?

“Ask the secretary-general about the schedule for this visit. I heard about it, but I think I forgot.”

“Yes, your Maje…”

Huh? Why did that sound a bit strange?

I interrupted them before Assisi disappeared by saying, “yes, Your Majesty.”

“Hey, Papa, that’s a job you should give to your maids. Not Assisi. Am I right, chancellor?”

Upon seeing my eyes, Ferdel opened into a broad circular shape as if he was surprised while drinking tea. Come on. You should just agree with me. Quickly!

As I opened my eyes sharply, Ferdel nodded with a puzzled look.

“Oh, huh? Oh, yes, it is. Of course, you have a maid to do it instead.”

Look, what I did was a justified thing, right? With a smile of triumph, I directed my eyes to the maid who was standing beside me.

“Come on, you heard us.”

“Yes, Princess.”

Caitel’s gaze now looked like a prickling thorn. With a frown, he didn’t even touch the fruit and directly looking at me with a murderous aura. I smiled as if I didn’t know anything.

Hehe, I didn’t know anything at all!

What’s the matter? This was the conventional way things happened in human civilization.

Ferdel then giggling beside him. The sound of him dying from holding his laughter back too much was heartening. Of course, soon, my father would end up hitting him.


It must have hurt.

The sound of a fist hitting Ferdel’s head was so prominent that I could even sense the pain he must have felt in my head. Ferdel must have felt pained, too, since he had those tears in his eyes. I know. Who would dare do that in front of the king, anyway?

“Hey, that hurts!”

Although Ferdel was very eager to protest, Caitell remained silent.

He just ignored them as hitting him make him feel better, and is absorbed in drinking tea and just focused his attention on the tea he was drinking. Ferdel fumed as if there was a wildfire on his head upon seeing this.

Oh, this poor bastard, I truly sympathize with him. I know he could do it!

“My life is so miserable.”

Yeah, not gonna lie, his life really sucks.

I patted his shoulder with a knowing look, and Ferdel looked up at the stars, which were sparkling within my eyes. Oh, my mistake. ‘Hey, I don’t really mind this entire charade, but can you get rid of the sparkling eyes?’ Although I stepped back and stood beside Assisi, Ferdel’s eyes still glistened with madness. It was very scary.