Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 173

Other than Ferdel, who was hit with no reason, my attention was focused on the dessert that the maids served at the end of the meal. Caitel’s mealtime was incredibly short. Unsweet fruits and bitter taste tea. but I was not quite sure about the name of the meal we ate earlier. On the other hand, the dessert that came for me was splendor itself. A chocolate sponge with sweet apricot jam coated with chocolate with a sugar decoration on top! My drink was also raw fruit juice made out of apricot.

It looked delicious!

“Wow, the princess’ dessert looks really fancy.”

“Isn’t it? It’s delicious!”

I thought that I was lucky to be born as a princess in this situation. I wasn’t really sure what I felt as I ate it, but…

Just move on.

Ferdel’s dessert, which looked like a small castle, looked like a real dessert. As expected, desserts were best when they served fancily!

“Assisi, do you want some?”

“I am fine, Ria. You can have it.”

“But, I am eating it.”

Like Caitel, Assisi didn’t really like sweets very much. However, unlike Caitel, I had this feeling I wanted to feed my cake to him, and it continued to rouse within me. I don’t know why, but I wanted to make him taste it! What could I do to with my heart? How come he wouldn’t want a delicacy like this? It’s so delicious! Poor Assisi, who doesn’t know the excellence of chocolate!

“Assisi, try this. This is really good.”


“Come on, try it. Huh?”

He doesn’t like it because it’s sweet, but I still gave it to them. He looked so cute. While I was looking at Assisi with a smile filled with satisfaction after feeding him, Ferdel sobbed with wistfulness face.

“I can eat well too…”

You should just eat your own dessert. And stop coveting mine.

Meanwhile, Assisi kept coughing in vain. Do you have something uncomfortable?

What was it? What does he want?

Well, I didn’t really care. Regardless, Assisi opened his mouth with a distressed look on his face as if he was being fed like a baby bird.

“Princess Ria.”


Why, what’s the problem?

Assisi looked aside instead of speaking, but I tilted my head as if I didn’t understand.

“Um, I mean…”


Assisi was dying because I pretended not knowing. When I saw Assisi, I enjoy his gloomy face inside. However, the sound of Caitel putting down the teacup on the table rang out loud.

What a surprise! What’s wrong with my dad all of a sudden?