Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 172

“Assisi, would you like to change seats with me? I always have a paper fight with stupid people. Sob sob, I want to be also a princess knight. Sob sob, princess, I want to be your knight too!”

“Do you know how to use a sword, Ferdel?”


What was this guy doing? He couldn’t even use a sword, and he wanted to be a knight? Was he kidding me? Ferdel asked me if he couldn’t see my hardened face with his spoon in his mouth.

“Princess Ria, do you like Assisi better? Or do you like me better?”


You don’t have to ask those obvious questions.

Even if Ferdel was against Assisi.

However, he was visibly disappointed in my answer as if he had some kind of expectations. And then he says, “It’s okay, I like Assisi too.” …Hey, you are a bit scary.

“Then, do you like Caitel, or do you like me better?”


If Caitel had not been here, then I might have had a different answer. However, since he was here, then my response was, of course, my father.

When would I get my score for that one?

When he heard my answer, he had grown even more frustrated. It was a totally different reaction from the one he had before. It’s like, “I’m behind him, that’s ridiculous!” I think it’s wrong, but I guess it’s just my feeling.

On the other hand, Caitel seemed to be taking it for granted. Come on.

“Well, what about Caitel, and Assisi? Which one do you like more?”

… Is this some kind of test? Like one of those “Which one do you like more, your mom or your dad?”

If one said that they liked their mom more, then it would make one of them sad. If one said that they liked their dad more, then it would also make the other one unhappy. If one said that they like both, then it would create a warm atmosphere, but it’s still one of the four significant challenges that exist in any world. I would have hesitated to answer it if they asked this question to me before, but now there was not an ounce of regret in what I was about to say.

By the time I said those words, joy had spread on Ferdel’s face.

He wanted this so much, didn’t he?

At a time when Caitel alone turned into something crushed, I was in a dilemma, for I could not describe if what happened was “good” but “genuine.” It’s okay. I guessed that I could understand his feelings.

“Cheer up, daddy.”

“Do you wanna die?”

Anyways, he always gets punched while making fun of him.